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Strange external lights on the fuselage


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External lights are out and however I can see a strange light on the fuselage and wings. My DCS Update 3.

Is it a bug or normal ?








In advance a great thanks, Skull.

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Maybe a 'simple' fix, like turning the service lights off when the gear is raised, would do it. Or is this an actual feature on the aircraft?


Thanks in advance for the response!

DCS: MiG-23



Make it happen, and take my money! :D

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It's a bug mentioned many times already. These are small lights attached to main landing gear, and keep on all the time, with this graphic glitch trough aircraft's mesh. Su-33 has a similar bug.

I'll buy :

МиГ-23МЛД & МЛА МиГ-27К МиГ-25 Mirage III F-4E any IJ plane 1950' Korea Dynamic campaign module

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