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DIY Collective for a Throttle


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Today I started my three week vacation (!!!)

and i am in the mood to start a new projekt to bring my rig up to date for Black shark. Im thinking of a collective-mod for the Saitek X45. I want to put an full working collective on my throttle.

Just similar to this:


*befor someone asks me: Its PHOTOSHOPED , there is no such Profileditor from Saitek!*


I thik it can work if I put switchabel bypasses from the saitek-throttle sliders and buttons to the new lever with electronical parts of an old joystick.Maybe with working collihat!


Question: Did someone something similar with his saitek and can you post your result?

I am glad for every hint, before I mess up my throttle. :)



Here some pics of things i have already done:


My ruder contains an old 10€ gamepad .

The rest is just a little work

It took me a weekend to complete it.

It works very precisely about one and a half years now! I only have to grease it from time to time.





Behind the magic:


Keyboard device:


my "computer":


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WIP:...Three bottles of beer later...


...I had found what I`m locking for:


*4-way analog hat switch

*20 buttons including space, shift function and 3 mode states for up to 144

programmable commands


New setup:


*befor someone asks me: Its PHOTOSHOPED , there is no such Profileditor from Saitek!*

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Work In Progress


Today my "new toy" has arrived.




"Look and feel" is very solid. Checked it about 20min in Halflife2 -and I must say it makes playing very compfortable!



Another half hour later:




saitek command unit is now in singel parts and I managed it without any problems to remove the parts which i dont need for the collective.




Than I started to built a functional dummy:




All is fitting right and I can still operate the 4-way analog hat switch easy with my thumb.



(please excuse the poor image quali - I used a webcam.)


The dummy worked very well in FS2004 and it was a whole new experience to fly a helicopter now with a collectiv.




Now I am thinking of an solution how i create a switchable bypass to a slider of the X45 for making a funktional throttle on the collectiv, because the saitek-command-pro-unit has no sliders on it.


Site about hellicopter controls:



Thats all for now! - hope u enjoy this post.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Tutorial : Collective Hardware Mod


Sorry! No tutorial any more!

Things have changed a little bit:


See you in Brussels at the Simware Show 2-4.11.07! :)




About price:

Wait for the "official announcement"

(Uh..,sounds familiar to me... :lol:)


This thread will soon be closed!

Discussion will be moved to the DCS-Black Shark Forum.



:clap:Thanks to the community an Eagle Dynamics that made it possible!:clap:

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Answer to a question from warthogmadman987


Well my main question would be is does the collective have all those keys and buttons on it, like a joystick does. I ask because it would be easy for me to put a stick type deal onto my x52 but i dont really have the money to mess with getting that keyboard, taking it apart (probably breaking it in the process). I want to know if it is at all realistic just to put a stick there with may a button or 2.


Yea! First time i was thinking of a 4 button collective. It is fully sufficient for

civil traffic.


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:helpsmilie: can someone of the russian side help me to translate it.

so I can post the tutorial also on the russian sector?:helpsmilie:


The fact is that I'm living in the west part of berlin. If I had neighbors from the east i would go next door to a neighbor (that lives in east berlin before 1989) and ask him.

But I don't have.

So can anyone help me to save time?


We're looking after ya :) http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=20684

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Originally Posted by warthogmadman987 at http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=20698

does anyone know what the collective would look like ingame for BS? Is there a pic or vid that clearly shows it? I would like to see it.


This is a ingame screenshot of the black shark collective.




This link will bring you to the video:



The real one:


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Would you purchase a unit for BlackSark if I make it available for the community?


-Just a thought:


My brother (he is a metal worker) would

help me to built ready to use metal rods.

So I would estimate the costs at 70-80€.


I would ship it like this :




:) Please vote! at this thread:


In case you vote with "yes" just pm me!

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Question urze,


What affect does the end portion of the collective (meaning add weight ) have on the friction screws ability to maintain it’s position…meaning, if I pull the collective all the way up will the end weight pull it back down? And by the way, great work! rep inbound

44th_Willy p.




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