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M2000 best moment to buy / discount


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It was part of the summer sale, the 50% off, here a few weeks ago.

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It's seem the 2000 is rarely discounted. Is it however sometimes ?

Yes, it gets discounted along with the other modules.



There was a 40% e-shop discount in the Easter Sale and a 50% e-shop discount during the Summer Sale. I'd guess the next e-shop sale might be around Black Friday but it's up to ED.



DCS on Steam has fewer sales (2 or 3 per year? ) and a M-2000C 'key' bought on Steam is incompatible with activation in the standalone and vice versa. The discount is usually less than that found on the e-shop i.e. the Steam Summer Sale had a 30% discount. There might be a Black Friday sale but if not, you'll be looking at January. Again, it'll be up to ED.


The M-2000C is a fun module and has enough SP/MP features that IMHO you'll get your money's worth out of it even if bought at full price.


However if money is tight or you are concerned about buying a 'beta' module, there's no harm in waiting for a sale.



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