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Add SA-15 to Iran's arsenal

Capn kamikaze

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Inventorys are so incomplete.

Thanks to adding SA2 to HUNGARIAN ground units.

Please add SA6, SA3, Shilka and Humvee to the inventory of Hungary!

MiG-29A and Mi-8 IRL linked to Hungary, now unselectables. We use accurate HUNAF skins for those, and fly as Russians.

Slovakia also missing MiG-29A...


An easier step would be to add all units to all countries, not worrying about skins. Communities solve skin issues locally, not needed the DCS vanilla install to include all skins, the storage waste is not needed. (MiG-21 skins weight 5,86GB)

Current assignment is a great obstruction to mission editors.

Unlocking officially unskinned units selection can be done via one small checkbox.


I not promote a ton of different skins to a single country, like ed did with the F/A-18C, 15 for Spain - never seen any, 20 for US


If an USAF aggressors asset has empty list of skins it must be populated with all of skins available.

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An easier step would be to add all units to all countries, not worrying about skins.

I used to disagree on this notion, but as of late I am slowly coming around to this approach. The national inventories are a big mess all over anyway and a lot of the decisions about them do kind of require a set date to make sense.

Perfect example referenced here: the Hungarian army for sure did not have HMMWVs in the late 80s, but they should now.

Maybe it is wise to just leave that all to the mission designers to figure out based on scenario and actual needs and instead update the ingame encyclopedia a tiny bit (most entries sure could use it!) and include service dates for various nations for vehicles and airplanes there.

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The db_countries.lua file actually does have a functionality for start/end dates for when a unit is used for a given country. However such functionality isn't used by the editor, nor do units added via coremods/mods appear to have a way to set that.


Its problematic because time and time again, "X is missing from country Y posts crop up" and the bug reports to fix it are pretty much on a case by case basis. For instance I noticed the C-130 and F-4 were still missing, reported it, and it got changed.

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