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TACT 21-1: Tactical Air Combat Tournament


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TACT 21-1

Tactical Air Combat Tournament 


Tactical Air Combat Tournament, TACT, is an air-to-air competition among DCS squadrons with a high emphasis on PVP. It's designed to run over a couple of months in a championship type format (exact details will depend on the amount of teams that sign up). The plan is to live stream as many matches as possible.

The event got its own discord server, check it out: https://discord.gg/XdaPsUJ






TACT 21-1 will run June-July, but the exact schedule will be published after signup. Teams can reschedule their matches based on availability.


There will be no prizes. We fly for glory!



We will try to accommodate as much live streaming of matches as we possibly can. We have several streamers on board to share the task of streaming the matches. Check the schedule to see who streams what match.


Tricker: https://www.twitch.tv/tricky_tricker

LowBlow: http://twitch.tv/lowblowttv

HerraMisi: https://www.twitch.tv/herramisi

TitanFire: https://www.twitch.tv/titanfire_

Maverick: https://www.twitch.tv/104th_maverick

Deliverator: https://www.twitch.tv/d3liverator



There will be a total of 4 missions in the event. All missions will have similar distances and layouts (e.g. no extreme mountains). Some missions will be flown in other theaters than Caucasus. Only if both squads can field enough pilots in a given theater can it be chosen. The fall back option is to fly on one of the Caucasus missions.


Results submission

Match results shall be submitted by the winner in the TACT discord (results and tacviews). Any disputes will be resolved among team representatives in the TACT discord.


The signups will close on April 6th 1800z.

Sign up with the following format: Squad name, Timezone, aircraft flown (non binding), Additional DCS maps availability (PG, Syria). See example below:


Squadron: 64th Aggressors
Timezone: 1400z-2200z
Aircraft: F-16C, F/A-18C, F-14B
Maps: Cauc, PG, Syria


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64th Aggressor Squadron
Discord: 64th Aggressor Squadron
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  • Only full fidelity modules are allowed.
  • The match format is a 6 vs 6, best of three rounds air superiority mission. 
  • The tournament is open for virtual squadrons only. We recognize that not all squads can field 6 pilots (+ reserves) for every match. If a Team expects to be short on match day they are allowed to recruit up to 2 additional temporary pilots to complete the 6 plane roster. These extra pilots will be known as mercenaries. The mercenaries must not be squad members of the opposing team in the specific match. Mercenaries do not need to be included in the signup.
  • Bullseye will be centered between the starting airfields. Surrounding bullseye, there will be an engagement bubble, 90 nm in diameter. AWACS will be available in each mission.
  • Each round consists of one sortie per pilot. If a pilot lands, he/she cannot take off again*. After being shot down or crashing, the player must leave the server until the round ends.
  • Each round is won if one of the two mission criterias is achieved. i) All of the opposing planes are destroyed ii) if a team has total air superiority in the bubble for 5 min. At least 1 aircraft must land after the mission criteria is reached.
  • To promote combat and active engagements, the remaining pilots must land at the opposing team’s airbase. Returning to one’s own airbase is considered a loss of that aircraft.
  • If a pilot disconnects while in the air, they are considered dead and must leave the server for that round.
  • Weapon restrictions: No 9X and No nukes. Violations of the payload rule will lead to an automatic loss of that round.
  • Jester is allowed, changing planes between rounds is allowed
  • No stream sniping
  • Known DCS bugs and exploits must not be used to gain an advantage. Examples include (but not limited to) current ECM modelling, Flood mode launches, PH Active switch. 
  • Teams should avoid unfriendly or unsportsmanlike behavior. Not every rule can be explicitly stated and teams should fly to the spirit of the competition. 


*A quick RTB is allowed before combat has started to resolve INS or payload issues.


Have fun and enjoy! 



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64th Aggressor Squadron
Discord: 64th Aggressor Squadron
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The mission that will be used during the tournament are listed below: 


Anapa vs Gudauta (Caucasus)
Kobuleti vs Vaziani (Caucasus)

Qeshm vs Al Ain (Persian Gulf)
Kerman vs Bandar (Persian Gulf)


Current mission version: HERE





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64th Aggressor Squadron
Discord: 64th Aggressor Squadron
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Squadron: Alamo Squadron
Timezones: UTC-6 to UTC+1, ideally 1800z-2400z on Friday/Saturday
Aircraft: F-16C, F/A-18C, JF-17
Maps: Cauc, PG

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Squadron: 104th Phoenix VFBS
Timezones: 1800z to 2200z
Aircraft: F-14, F-16C, F/A-18C, JF-17
Maps: Cauc, PG, Syria

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104th Phoenix Official Texture pack:


Un-Official Roughmet Texture Pack:


Livery Creation Discord Group Invite-


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Squadron: 14thVFS Samurais
Timezone: 1400z-2100z (weekends) 
Aircraft: F-16C
Maps: Cauc, PG, Syria

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Squadron: Grim Reapers

Timezone: Sat/Sun 17-21z

Aircraft: 14,16,17,18

Maps: All

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Squadron: Motor City Pit Vipers (=MCPV=)

Timezone: USA 

Aircraft: F/A-18, F-14, F-16, JF-17, F-5E and AV-8b (deleted because Tiger II and Harrier are too OP 😆)

Maps: Caucuses, Persian Gulf, Syria, Nevada (because hookers and blow)





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