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F15 C Video "All the buttons in the Pit"


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Just now, GGTharos said:

According to the -34 the vector is 'relative heading', not aspect.

Wrong thread?

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15 hours ago, GGTharos said:

can't delete

Use the 'hide' option - effectively the same as deleting.

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On 6/2/2021 at 10:20 AM, Wdigman said:

After watching this video I want an F15 C with a dynamic cockpit even more.


Looks like the "C version" in this video has more glass then in DCS. Notice the DCS reference in 6:41.





It's a 2005 (or so) upgrade with multifunctional TADS screen, Sniper AT pod and AIM-120C(4), there's like 80ish Eagles in USAFE and USANG that received this upgrade.


Eagle from DCS should represent a 1990s version of it.


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