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Almost Slipped by Unnoticed :)


Happy Birthday M8 - Another member of the Thirty-Something Club. Have a Good One :beer:

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Novice or Veteran looking for an alternative MP career?

Click me to commence your Journey of Pillage and Plunder!


'....And when I get to Heaven, to St Peter I will tell....

One more Soldier reporting Sir, I've served my time in Hell......'

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  • ED Team

Happy Birthday Kusch!

Many thanks for your photos!

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Единственный урок, который можно извлечь из истории, состоит в том, что люди не извлекают из истории никаких уроков. (С) Джордж Бернард Шоу

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Ah found the HB treath of Kush,

Happy birthday m8 en enjoy BS :pilotfly:




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Windows 11 Home/ Intel Core i9-12900FRTX 3080 10 GB/ 64GB DDR4-3200/ 2 TB m.2 NVMe/ HP Reverb G2/V2/ Thrustmaster Cougar Hotas/ 

INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT@ross_impress • Instagram-foto's en -video's  (everything about the real flying world, drone and DCS)

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