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GTATC General Design Exam posted


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The Ground Troops Aviation Training Center (GTATC) mission is to create a center of excellence for KA-50 pilots around the globe.


Our first exam has been posted and covers the first chapter of the flight manual. We will be releasing follow on chapters until we have worked our way through the entire manual. This is Ground School. Once all chapters are complete, you are considered Ground School Q (GSQ)


GSQ pilots will then take to the air to test their skills and perform tasks both basic and advanced. Completion of those tasks lead to Flight School Q (FSQ) rating. After completing both Ground and Flight School you will then be considered GTATC qualified.


We will post a handy dandy banner or graphic to download and make part of your signature as being GTATC qualified.


This isnt' meant to be hardcore, but rather fun and help straighten the learning curve of the KA-50. We will however always maintain a level of professionalism between pilots and staff.


Please come join us here


We will be posting exams that tie into the recently release English flight manual. Our goal is to certify pilots as GTATC graduates. This will encompass ground school and flight certifications on basic and advanced tasks.


GTATC was created to provide a resource for pilot training and education. It's not fancy nor is it pretty. What we want to do is create a culture of learning that is both fun and informative.

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I already had read that chapter thouroghly but did it again for the exam. I have no problem reading manuals, in fact love it, but this just made it even more fun. :)


Thanks a bunch SunDown for doing this! Cant wait for the actual MP flying school. Exam handed in. :smartass:





Alex "Snuffer" D.

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Great effort in making pilots rise theis skills! Will look through it as soon as i change my joystick

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