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Night combat and guided ordnance


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It can ground stabilize and lase just fine, since these are entirely "in-house" functions that do no rely on the external environment. It cannot auto-track, because that function requires visible contrast, which is absent at night.


In other words, you can technically still employ guided missiles against targets you can see on the TVM by ground stabilizing the Shkval and manually adjusting the TD box as necessary while the missile is on the way. In reality however, this is probably not something a pilot would typically do. Without FLIR sensors, illumination flares and ungiuded rockets is probably the most realistic scenario.

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You can use the Ka-50 at night and kill targets with the Vikhr and cannon.


1. Use NVG.

2. Increase contrast on cockpit TV monitor.

3. Turn laser on.

4. Find target in Shkval.

5. place targeting box on target and ground stabilize(press lock once).

6. Fire Vikhr or cannon when in range.


You will not get an auto track but the laser will still work for guidance.

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