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  1. Soooo. Rudel, you got an F16 profile yet? LOL. I'm pretty sure I have been using your F18 profile modified slightly. Edit - NVM just found it :D
  2. It looks like the same default profile that is loaded to my Logitech G13 and my CH Pro Pedals.
  3. I pray his family has found peace with his passing, and I pray they never forget who he was.
  4. Eagle Dynamics. "We get it so right, we even model what the real pilots find useless." Thats some dedication. Any other company is still struggling to model decent flight dynamics. Let alone all the other models and systems coming. Oh wait, where are those other companies? :D
  5. Are you using a HOTAS setup? Have you also tried the keyboard? Not pressing, but holding? It could be your binding to your HOTAS only does a press, even if you physically hold it. FOXY and the Cougar could get that way if you didn't pay attention.
  6. I can't say for sure as I haven't checked it out yet, but if you're having a problem with feeling like you're looking down your nose at the HMD cue, this has been a problem since LOMAC, maybe before. The files have changed locations over the years, but I think its currently in the saved games/DCS/Config/View/Snapview.lua For each aircraft you are looking for the '[13] = {--default view' line, and you need to change the vAngle = 0 This will center the circle for the Su/Mig, and I would imagine solve the problem in the F18. I could be wrong but if you are using VR you might need to edit '[14] = {--default view - VR'. Again, each aircraft has their own section of snapviews. Obviously you can edit all those values to change other things too. Edit : Example, here is my FA-18C entries; [13] = {--default view viewAngle = 65.124352,--FOV hAngle = -0.972351, vAngle = -6.687011, x_trans = 0.094611, y_trans = 0.000037, z_trans = -0.003403, rollAngle = -0.000000, }, [14] = {--default view - VR viewAngle = 63.000000,--FOV hAngle = 0.000000, vAngle = -15.700000, x_trans = 0.130000, y_trans = -0.008300, z_trans = 0.000000, rollAngle = 0.000000, I will edit it and save to; [13] = {--default view viewAngle = 65.124352,--FOV hAngle = -0.972351, vAngle = 0, x_trans = 0.094611, y_trans = 0.000037, z_trans = -0.003403, rollAngle = -0.000000, }, [14] = {--default view - VR viewAngle = 63.000000,--FOV hAngle = 0.000000, vAngle = 0, x_trans = 0.130000, y_trans = -0.008300, z_trans = 0.000000, rollAngle = 0.000000,
  7. That mouse extension will change my life LOL. One for the other side for a keypad/gamepad would be awesome.
  8. Its probably the most difficult to be implemented, which is why it probably won't be the first on the list.
  9. But not all of the commands. Which means the profiles will be for the most part still relevant and will only need minor alterations. Which is why people still download it, and are still going to come and ask questions. No one has forced you to reply. You choose to. No need to get all twisted up about a choice you are making. If someone comes and asks a question that I am capable of assisting them with, I will. Unless informed by a moderator not to. What you feel about that, why you are choosing to get all bent out of shape, honestly is not a concern to me. Helping others is. Which I would have thought you would be on board with since you took all this effort. I guess people change. ;)
  10. I am not sure if its still required to turn v-sync off in game with g-sync. I don't and still get a variable synced refresh rate.
  11. Even though you found your problem, I can confirm this ID doesn't seem to change when changing USB port. My profile loaded without issue when I changed ports.
  12. While it is not officially recommended because the controls can change, I don't see why not.
  13. Is it disconnecting then immediately reconnecting in Windows? Thats what it sounds like. I don't think DCS is your problem.
  14. IMHO if you are just going to test them for function, then put them back in the box, then you are wasting the warranty and you might as well wait.
  15. That is a very real possibility. I can confirm this evening.
  16. Joystick Gremlin requires vJoy, and vJoy creates the virtual controller.
  17. If you have already re-assigned the axis, you will have a *****.diff.lua file in your X:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\Input\[aircraft]\joystick .
  18. The camera being offset will probably affect the difference in movement from left to right, but I don't think it will cause any wobble. In the TIR software, at the bottom under advanced settings and then the camera tab there is video processing mode, which should be precision. But in order to enable precision mode, by default you have to hit F7 to see how it works in the software. There is also a precision smoothing value, the IR filter and the IR brightness that all might contribute to less jitter/wobble/bouncing. It may be a case of when you are trying to troubleshoot in the software, its in normal mode but then when you load up DCS its turning on precision mode. Also, does the jitter occur in the center? Along the entire movement? Or just at the edges of your movement?
  19. This seems strange. I have done similar things with Foxy for my Cougar and I know its possible with TARGET. Usually when the axis is mapped to a key, and you can confirm the key press in any number of ways... DCS doesn't really care where the command is coming from it just recognizes it as a keyboard input. I don't have the Harrier module, but when I get a chance I will confirm I can accomplish this with other modules.
  20. I could do this with Foxy, with TARGET, Sokol can do it with Joy2Key...
  21. Ok, I took some pictures and combined them and added some highlights and explanation text. Hopefully this clarifies what I am pointing out. The only thing that changes from left to right, is removing a space in the filename. Nothing else.
  22. People with head tracking have an advantage over those without head tracking. People with a HOTAS have an advantage over those without a HOTAS. People with a better computer have an advantage over those with an Amiga.
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