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Finally, something I'm good at! So I'm gonna brag...


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Flying this puppy is a breeze for me! On my first flight I was able to stable hover, land, side-slip, slalom between buildings...everything. DAMN this whirly-bird can maneuver!


And before you ask, YES I'm on realistic settings!:P


Okay, I admit, I DO have around 10 hours RL time in Schweizers...and I primarily fly helos in FSX.


But to all of you guys that aren't into Helicopters, you REALLY want to give this a try. The FM in Black Shark is VERY VERY VERY impressive. I don't think I've ever gotten such a good representation of rotary-winged flight out of a sim. It just "feels" so right.


And don't give up learning how to fly this beast. It's no Su-25, that's for sure.


It's an entirely different kind of flying, altogether... ;)

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Feel just like you mate. So I make your words my own.



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Good to hear! I too hope no one is discouraged from either buying it or trying the realistic FM because they are afraid of not even being able to do some circuits around the air base without crashing. The autopilot modes make it forgiving. With those turned off it becomes markedly less forgiving, but even then you are far from truly fighting the aircraft.


And now that you mention it, I did find the Su-25T to be more difficult to just fly around in at first than the Ka-50.

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Hey tn_prvteye, try hitting LAlt-A. It flies soooo much nicer :thumbup:


With something as good as this people might finally understand just how bad the helos in MS flight sims are :joystick:

"The only thing a chopper pilot should do downwind is take a leak" - CFI


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Yeah my time in HInd and Longbow 2 have helped me adjust...although I never had a throttle or rudder pedals back then....OR tracker IR (which back then was a huge VR reality set ;)


The right setup will make flying MUCH easier. Tracker IR alone helps with your situational awareness. Instant response.


Rudder pedals are also essential (or twist stick)...something that allows you to apply constant rudder adjustments. Keys ...wow keys for rudder i DO NOT KNOW HOW people can use them...especially in a combat environment.


Although take a bit of damage and see how easy it is to fly hehehe.

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Start the editor, set turbulence to max, crank the wind right up to "grounded" levels. When the sim starts and is paused click off all the auto pilot stuff. Un-pause and grab the controls and regain control as it has been blown off the ground, hover that!!! :joystick:


I swear to god I was covered in sweat after a session of "Keep it over the numbers as low and long as you can".


For added amusement pick a time when you want to land (Mistakes don't count, real men have the gear up as well when trying to hover doing this) and then try to land. Once down try and keep it on the ground and shut the engines down. As the rotors slow down laugh with maniacal glee as there is not enough centrifugal force to stop the turbulence from inter meshing the blades but they are still way fast enough to smash each other off.


For the super keen start the engines again and see how you go with what is left.


I do love the FM :thumbup:

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I've got to join this thread too, I'm loving it.


3 hours in, and I'm having an absolute ball. This is the best helicopter flight experience I've had the pleasure of flying in a simulation.


Not only that, but it can appeal on so many levels as you can see in the image below :D My son is in his element because he can copy Daddy, I'll get him in realistic mode by the time he's 6!


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