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Normandy Template (prior to D-Day)


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3 minutes ago, stuart666 said:

Maybe I should post this up in the mod forum, Im not sure.


I believe that the Mission Editor section fits it best;  https://forum.dcs.world/forum/79-mission-editor/

Thanks for sharing this, I'm not currently flying WW2, but I will give it a look and save it for when I get back to Normandy 🙏



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On 6/24/2023 at 3:11 AM, Walshtimothy said:

could Ugra perhaps do something to allow algs to be hidden before dday ?  breaks my heart they are there for pre invasion dates ...

I stick a couple of Sigfried Line objects on each runway that I don't want to be in the game.   Then nobody uses it.  Not a perfect solution, but it does the job.  I probably spend half my waking life in the real world, and the other half in Normandy 2.   Normandy one was great, but V2 knocked it out of the park.  That said,  it's a map that's not just modeled for location, but for a very specific time as well.   That time appears to be just about June 30, 1944.  I set most of my missions on that exact day.  You can make other dates work, but you definitely have to get a little creative.  If you stick things on the runway, the AI will more or less ignore that airfield.

I also set the off-date fields to neutral, drain their warehouses of supplies, and sometimes stick a grazing cow or two in there for good measure.  These measures do a pretty good job of nullifying the fields.

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PS in IL2 they solved this sort of with 2 different maps, early and D-Day. Maybe someone can create a similar thing?

Normandy itself after D day was so much expanded with airfields by the allies, that it might be doable with some mod, although there might be terrain edits necessary.

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