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no servers on list

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3 hours ago, 4H_Ccrashh said:

I'm using open beta. Starting the MT version of the game I see no servers at all.  List is populated when using non MT version of the game.

hello. can you post you DCS.LOG? there was an small update last week. perhaps you did not get the update? anyway, the log will give more details.

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I don't know if this means anything to anyone but I realized  that I was running the non MT version as a "System Admin".  I switched the MT version to running as "System Admin" and it works. I was able to duplicate the problem,  so I'm good to go.

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You should not run the sim as a system admin. Doing so, it can mess with file permissions (especially those from your Saved Games folder), thus creating issues. It seems it has already, which would explain why you have to run it as a system admin to make it work.

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