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check six

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hé hé well i speak french and i can translate it clearly for you


mondial exclusivity


all you ever wants to know about lockon 1.2


the firts secreen shot of 1.2

interview of developers

our first impressions


shot of the corner


well i know you can't buy that magazine in US ist almost the price you will pay for flamming cliff but with author permission you will be the first to see the new plane


i will ask him tomorrow

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But nobody speek french here !

Right ?

I read it in french and understood it. Oh! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: a translation


Lock-On 1.2, opérations combinées vous sera présenté en avant-première

Lock-On 1.2 - Combined operations will be shown in a preview


Falcon 4, l'attaque Air-Sol n'aura plus de secrets pour vous

Falcon 4 - Air-to-Ground won't have secrets for you anymore.


Lock-On, modélisez de nouveaux objets. Partie 1 : le choix des outils, préparation de la modélisation.

Lock-On - Modelling new objects. Part 1: The choice of tools and preparation for modelling.


IL2/FB/PF, toutes les nouveautés du patch 4.0 dévoilées

IL2/FB/PF - All the new things in Patch 4.0 are revealed.


SFP 1, la fin des add-on freeware est-elle annoncée ?

SFP 1 - The end of free add-ons - has it been declared?


Jane's F/A-18, notre guide complet pour maîtriser les principaux aspect de notre cadeau

Jane's F/A-18 - Our complete guide for mastering its principal aspects.


- Nos tests : Our play-testing

Le test de Lock-On 1.1 (basé sur la preview déjà publiée sur C6)

Play-test of Lockon 1.1 (based on Check-Six's preview)


Retrouvez le test du X-52 (déjà publié sur le site)

Testing the X-52 Controller (already published on Check-Six' site)


If there are any little problems/bemols let me know


My Flight Sims Page

- Link to My Blog - Sims and Things - DCS Stuff++

- Up-to-Speed Guides to the old Lockon A10A and Su-25T

- Some missions [needs update]

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well translate


we are lucky here in France to have such modellers working on 1.3 and lobbying to ED for French flyable planes


for your eyes only the new cockpit of the flyable Mirage 2000 C still in developpement




Err..wait a sec...1.3? Mirage 2000 flyable? Am I reading well?

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hello, yes, it's a joke for the 1st april. ;)


Check-six not edited magazine but the joke worked very well on C6. :D


All is false, the screen is a 1.1 screen with the current ka-50. Sorry. ;)



Co-webmaster of Lock-on section on c6.

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