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  1. The nose wheel does not turn. I have both versions, DCS World and DCS World open beta. In clear DCS World runs ok, but in OPEN BETA does not work, I can only turn with the brakes. the button on the knob is triggered but does not respond at all. in pure play it's ok.
  2. I havent, i have set the SSAO off and now its ok.
  3. i have the same problem in F-86. small black squares.
  4. damage visualisation on the ground, when I break the tail off after a crash, there are three lying side by side. Only info. I know that its in progress.
  5. I think it will help, it's in the same module, the same height and it sees the same parameters on the indicators, in real time, it sees that it's flying low, it has little speed, it's heating up the engine, clearly the cost recovery, I understand that, but it's not unrealistic, and a lot of third parties are making modules, and so on. But as I write, it's a wishlist for people who fly WW2, not for people who fly modern jets, that in turn is unfunny for me, a lot of people can fly other games. But me DCS fits the most. And I think it's also the furthest right for the level of realness, so for me it's just a wish. That's all. Thanks for comment.
  6. no coment. Wish theme that i wrote is WW2 training plane in multicrew. Why? but we flying WW2 modules (not all, whislist who prefer other modern technique is different again), and why not during war was many types in 2seat version, P47,Spitfire, P51, and first planes for usaaf, RAF in training (for bombers too) was T6, texan, Harvards, Stearmans, Tigermoths, Miles Magister, etc. so why not, and those other questions just blah blah blah. sry. So we can start over and calm the thread. Please to you.
  7. you're very pleasant. You're having a bad day I understand. I write it as my wishlist. So keep your comment to yourself. Thanks. Or just write that you don't think so. Title is "Multicrew warbird for training" and we speak about WW2 planes, not jet.
  8. I wrote that many of us want to at least get closer to reality, and many of us actually fly. That you and someone else see it differently ok. If anyone finds it fun to smash the ground 10 times a night then please make your choice. We have fun in a different way.
  9. Yes, with guns too, of course, why not. just for reviving airfields, training will be faster and more real. And reality is that's why many of us fly in DCS. (I hope, many) with the T6 you better understand the warbird engine management, energy, or training according to the instruments... Using the blackout in the cabin, the weather. there's a lot to use. Good way for MP, SP, or training campaigns. Maybe drag target sleeve for shooting practice? I don't think that "kill yourself and wreck it as much as you want" is the way to learn something:( ))) on the contrary. Yak is not the way to learn Allied warbird, I have it too. The engine, drag, energy and gear is diferent. The way to make the WW2 era more attractive, help and offer something that I personally have been missing from the simulators. I'm sorry if my post upsets anyone.
  10. And its planed to be jettisonned in future?
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