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  1. Of course it would be. But I enjoy those random, dynamic and perpetual online missions. Sadly they don't offer you your waypoints, nor do they give you a specific briefing for a specific strike target. Because DCS is at the end of the day a game, we don't get that luxury of having a briefing room and a laptop to plug our waypoints in, so we have to do that in the aircraft if we can only decide our mission when the mission file is loaded. Typically you would plan your mission on the ground, load it into your DTC and then carry that to the aircraft. Since we can't do that, I do that on the ground, then fly my waypoints, which is the next best thing. Usually I don't use F10 in the air. Or sometimes I just pass the time entering pre planned threats while on the way because I have nothing else to do. I don't see how message history is helping here. It's just the same old problem of having to bring it up, remember a few numbers, close it, type them in and repeat. Only instead of pressing 1 button, you now press escape, grab your mouse and click message history button, scroll to the relevant entry, remember a few numbers, close and type them in before repeating, which is just way worse. Also you can't copy coordinates there in the first place, only read the messages designed by the mission editor in the first place.
  2. an option to just add a line to a kneeboard page would also work. Though it'd be nice if you could also delete them. which mods? The way doesn't work for all aircraft and it's clunky and doesn't work half the time anyway. It's also a lot closer to cheating than to write the numbers down and it's inflexible at times. Any mod only shows the shortcommings of DCS, especially usability and UI mods. SRS is still kicking because DCS' internal VoIP solution is plain inferior in every way. Overlord bot exists because DCS AWACS is just plain unusable garbage. And the way and similar waypoint management mods exist only because DCS is lacking features that make it nice and easy to jot down some coordinates from the map.
  3. My issue is that you can either have the F10 map open or you can not. If you have it open you can't type the coordinates anywhere. So the solutions are: - Repeatedly toggle F10, copy a few numbers, then because you have forgotten half of them, go back and repeat. I'm sure some people are better than this than me, but I can remember about 5 or 6 digits, meaning I have to go to the map 3 times to copy any coordinates and the respective altitude into the aircraft. - Use real pen and paper, which is a waste. paper and ink cost money, admitedly not a lot, but it also makes a mess of my desk having dozens of loose pieces of paper around, wasting about 1 A4 page every time I play DCS. I don't care for VR because I don't have it. But as some people stated before, using VR prevents the use of this option. - Use a tablet or other device. I don't have one, neither should I be forced to buy one. I have a phone, but writing on paper and writing on a tiny phone are two different things, it's clunky, illegible unless you use huge letters and of course you need to have your phone at your desk with you. Again an issue with VR. - Be able to use the aircraft's navigation system while the map is open. This is currently not possible, nor feasible to implement anytime soon. Maybe have the F10 map not go full screen but open in a little window you can drag around would work, though then you'd have to be able to freeze the coordinate readout while you move your mouse over to your cockpit to type it in. So I propose a simple in game solution that doesn't add any "cheating" by not writing the coordinates into paper but into a virtual message system. It's just convenience and user interface design that makes sense to me. Everything is there already, so I don't see how not using real paper is "cheating". Using the F10 map is a cheat in itself, because a real pilot can't just press F10 and read coordinates off a screen. At best they have a map on their lap, maybe a tablet. What I propose doesn't add any more cheating. Even if the server is set to display only own aircraft, or display only terrain and no units, you can still read off coordinates. copying them would be a nice thing to have available. A cheat would be if you just press a key binding and a new waypoint pops into your aircraft by magic.
  4. Which is why I said that you select the coordinate format first (LAlt + Y), which would then be the one you get into your messages.
  5. Why do I need to put a track replay of me pressing 5 buttons in when was accepted without one? Steps to reproduce: 1. Press VID 2. Select TADS (R1) 3. Select TADS (T6) 4. Select Something other than VID (For example A/C) 5. Select VID again Expected behavior: VID page returns to TADS video without menu Actual behavior: VID page returns to video source selection. Proof: Put in your own 30 seconds of work to press 5 buttons if you want a track. If you gonna allow bug reports like this from other people then allow them for everyone or force everyone to provide their track replays even for system errors that are just there and don't require complicated circumstances to happen. @NineLineif you don't like me, then fine. Just don't use two different measuring sticks here.
  6. Not fixed. When hopping into a hot aircraft, from time to time it still shows rotor break on.
  7. It also stopped repeating when you keep holding the button down.
  8. When selecting the video page, it's supposed to go back to the last video selected. Right now it's automatically selecting P-HMD Video and keeping the menu open.
  9. Tough luck. You didn't love them enough. You will have a horrible life and deserve every second of it.
  10. I want to adjust some stuff in the cockpit. All the other modules include their cockpit textures in a zip file, but not the jf17. Where can I find the .dds files? And what are the names for the description.lua?
  11. I have managed to remove the mipmaps from the F16 Dark cockpit (https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3316180/), however it's still a blurry mess. I don't know why. I used https://github.com/Microsoft/DirectXTex/wiki/Texconv Powershell & 'C:\Path\to\texconv.exe' -y -m 1 *.dds Edit: Apparently you need to place the replacement textures into "default" since the custom texture loader doesn't work for the F16.
  12. When setting the texture quality to low, the cockpit looks like this. It's completely unreadable smears. However when you remove the mipmaps everything is suddenly just readable AND you get the better framerates. This is still with low quality setting. I have tried to remove the mipmaps from the F16 cockpit, but I'm getting numerous errors by both GIMP and ImageMagick saying the format is not supported for some of the DDS files. I have also tried to remoe the mipmaps from a custom Ka50 cockpit, but DCS just doesn't want to show me the cockpit option so I can't even test it out. I Even copied the cockpit livery folder and just renamed it, it doesn't show up. When I remove the custom livery from the folder it is removed and it reappears when I put it back in. It's a 1:1 copy. I don't understand. I would like to have mipmaps removed when the texture quality setting is set to low. My main problem is running out of VRAM, not drawing textures. As such I would like some lower resolution cockpit textures without mipmaps so the low setting can be used without it looking like someone tried to draw cockpit markings with a paint roller.
  13. The radios allow invalid frequencies to be entered. For instance the FM Radio allows frequencies that are not multiples of 250kHz and it also allows frequencies > 87.750 MHz. Please merge with Strange_FM_Freqs.trk
  14. I have a 250GB M.2 SSD, completely for DCS world. Not all of that data is useful to have on the SSD. With today's update I finally ran out of space. Technically I had just enough space for the update, but downloading and unpacking happens on the SSD as well and that pushed it over the limit by a few kB. To solve this I used the directory junction feature of the NTFS file system, which allows to create a softlink. Basically whenever windows accesses the soft link it thinks it is a normal directory, but in reality it is on a completely different drive. To create a soft link, find a suitable drive to put the real directory on Open cmd.exe (powershell doesn't work for some reason) Run REM Foxes are great. You should love them. mkdir C:\path\to\somewhere\with\lots\of\space\dcs_temp_downloads mklink /J D:\path\to\DCS\_downloads C:\path\to\somewhere\with\lots\of\space\dcs_temp_downloads Repeat for Doc or any other directory that doesn't require fast loading and is big. If there are spaces in your paths, put the path into quote marks. This effectively allows you to split your DCS install over mutliple hard drives.
  15. The apache has many features for the TSD including fancy lines, dozens of control measures and pre planned target/threat points. It would be nice if we were able to utilize this stuff from the mission editor. I'm not sure how much memory the apache has for lines but some would be better than none.
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