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  1. My life will continue to be hollow and incomplete until the P-38 is in it. There is a long list of reasons that I’ve gone over ad nauseum in other threads, but in summation it played hugely important roles through large chunks of timelines in both theatres of war that ED is expanding into. Plus the highest scoring US ace in the war flew it, he had a really cool name (Dick Bong - come on, the memes and custom skins from this alone would be worth it), and he once got in trouble for flying a plane under the Golden Gate Bridge. TLDR: Dick, Bong, Bridge, cool plane, relevancy.
  2. I did a quick google for historical accuracy, and turns out that both sides definitely had access to chunks of wood to keep wheels from moving by WW2.
  3. After further testing in Instant Action missions where the suction gauge is reading within normal operating parameters, it’s pretty obvious at this point that the artificial horizon acting up is a symptom of inadequate suction in the vac system. I’m going to be testing more with the compass, but haven’t noticed anything obvious.
  4. Has there been any headway on this? Haven't flown the jug in a few months, came back and this is still an issue (at least for me).
  5. Back on topic - I feel like a P-38 could've avoided that sad event. It could also, possibly, have fed starving children... Not mine, admittedly, as they'd be unfed due to me being broke after buying the module. /S (duh), because I've seen the discord and OH MAN do I not wanna rub any of those folk the wrong way.
  6. Sorted. Rather than just dragging and dropping as per usual "saved games install" I had to navigate to final file path and copy to location, as it created a duplicate folder rather than overwrite the original. This is a beautiful mod!! Still, would be simpler if HB would release their English cockpit
  7. Mod does not seem to be working on newest beta update (at least not for me). Any word on this?
  8. I also lost a crap ton of assignments on my throttle. How do we back these up? Is there a way?
  9. I’d find it hard to believe that the control input style of the P-51 (very slow initially then ramped up if button/input is held) cannot be reproduced in this mod. Either way, I think we are all in agreement that the input speed for trim controls is much too fast/coarse atm.
  10. When turned down from “1” to “.25” in the lua file it is usable, but otherwise the trim input is much too rapid in order to make fine adjustments needed for either cruise or lining up for an accurate strafing run. It is not an issue of “trim sensitivity” per-se, but we are splitting hairs here with our verbiage to address an issue that seems to be problematic for everyone. Now for some reason my lua modification is no longer working in the Mosquito. I think we would all really rather have this issue resolved within the sim so we don’t have to modify the lua file in order to make a system work as intended. EDIT: My lua change was just deleted (probably during a patch), and my keybinds were lost.
  11. Absolutely. Could and would be used effectively in both theaters. Not that I think the PTO should be going through any meaningful development atm, but that’s a whole other soapbox speech that doesn’t belong here.
  12. Good call! I’ll try that when I get home from work. I guess I just assumed that the seat position was tied to the switch position, not the sight functionality, but never checked before engaging electrical systems.
  13. Camera glitch while looking through gun sight and electrical systems (I assume) become damaged. Camera jogs left and right between "default" and "gunsight" postions as gunsight flickers on and off. When you turn off the sight the camera reverts to default position and jogging stops. See attached video.
  14. I made a topic about this for the P-47, and I have a suspicion that there might be an issue with the the model(s) themselves, specifically inadequate suction in the vacuum system. In the P-47 during cold start you can clearly see that the suction never reaches adequate range for nominal operation per the gauge. This may be the same issue for the mossie. I'll attach that post below.
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