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  1. Also, the Mig-31 has a fairly large RCS - so setting the target size to large might be a smart idea so your 54 can go active sooner. It's technically still a SARH vs ARH fight so you should be abe to win unless the R-33 somehow really has a ton more energy and speed.
  2. Don't barrel roll. You can crank and dive post TWS launch, abort at the MAR for the R-33, get into a notch then potentially snap-shot a 20nm Phoenix in Pulse STT and flow cold. Personally I hever really found the AI Mig-31's to be too big of an issue unless they changed something - the R-33 also should not be outranging a Phoenix like that by a substantial margin. Make use of your jammer as well. I will run some tests myself against AI and see what I can find then post the tacview here. So stay tuned I guess.
  3. Yeah, which doesn't really matter for DCS as every jet in DCS represents a perfect airframe with potentially an unlimited munitions stock, unless set otherwise in the mission.
  4. Jammer, off-angle press, turn in shoot, crank.
  5. They used to not guide pat 10nm regardless of mode (just flew straight off the rail) - don't know if HB actually fixed that.
  6. So it will be updated/implemented before the Hornet leaves EA, confirm?
  7. Hello, in the past I saw Wags or another developer mention the ongoing work on a new pilot model for our Hornet with proper US NAVY flight gear and improved animations (similar to the HB Tomcat). Could someone from the ED team please confirm that this is still planned and being worked on, since there has been no more word on it ever since it was first mentioned. Thanks.
  8. Thats the mid compressor bypass not simply switching the bleeds off.
  9. Ok, do you actually own the Tomcat yourself and have fired the 54? Just to be clear here.
  10. Please do. Should honestly just be a texture thing...
  11. I honestly think the gun in DCS sounds awesome and could give less of a damn whether it's accurate or not - I wouldn't know. There is no footage or HQ sound from the cockpit shooting the gun last time I checked and only former crew will be able to tell you. It's also called artistic freedom in sound design.
  12. RIP Snort, condolences to the family first and foremost.
  13. This is a joke of a statement if you have ever used the 54 yourself or done firing tests. The 54A and C are pretty much the easiest missiles to chaff out in DCS and this has been the case since the release of the Tomcat. Those ccm values in the .lua don't seem to have much of an impact on the new API by the looks of it. Let alone how the chaff mechanics in DCS work - it's basically a diceroll evry time you pop a chaff bundle with a certain probability coefficient. And how do you know what the CCM values need to be? Especially the 54C should simply ignore most chaff - it's more than twice as big in diameter than the AIM7 or AMRAAM with a ton more room for electronics and a much larger seeker dish. You have no idea what you are talking about here.
  14. Also has a different scale and EGT instead o TIT Not to mention the GE specific limitation markers.
  15. On another note - what is the stance / progress on adding white and properly labelled AIM54A's? I think those are pretty essential for the early A's and IRIAF cats in the future as well as for general coherence and visual distinction in the game.
  16. September patch at the earliest for Forrestal and EGT more than likely.
  17. Max main tire speed is 210kts, for the nosewheel it's 190kts. calculate your takeoff speed for your given weight and headwind component and rotate around 140-150kts depending on weight.
  18. Ok, thanks. I just found it weird to see the helmet rail fix mentioned in the changelog and then not actually seeing it in the files/in game. Something which I personally reported almost a year ago and was eager to see fixed, since the new pilot models are still ways out by the sound of it.
  19. Again, did any of the hotfixes make it into yesterday's hotfix? Texture issues in the cockpit and the helmet rail for example?
  20. Depends. It's multirole so very complex and a lot of weapon systems as well as employment methods to leard. If you take it step by step though I don't see why not. It should be fairly polished and out of EA relatively soon as well which is nice.
  21. You don't have the slightest clue what you are talking about. Go back to your airquake server.
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