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  1. Then why does the nose drop if the CG moves aft?
  2. That was with the release of 2.7 several months ago. Up until now it is fairly unclear as to when the Hornet will leave EA and when even to expect the #1 most requested features which is the FCS and FM updates - as they already started to move people over to the Viper...
  3. Heck, it'd be great if lights turned off after a night-to-day transition....
  4. Turn off MLC, switch to pulse or get a TCS lock. TCS + Pulse is probably the best option. TCS is technically too good when it comes to ground contract and clouds (not affected by it) but a pulse STT should be fairly reliable apart from getting potentially chaffed.
  5. Surely wouldn't mind a B. Any naval variant for that matter - especially since HB are doing the Forrestal class CV's have invested in advanced hook physics etc. it only makes sense and would sell like hotcakes.
  6. It's the center of lift that moves aft which makes the nose drop. Trimming is also done off forces in real life and you have different cues as well. Do you fly in real life, even GA?
  7. You can literally remove the unrealistic wave mask through a quick shader edit - seems like a decent bandaid fix for the time being and should be done ASAP.
  8. Yes, we are all aware. And ED should fix that
  9. Well, I frankly don't care. I paid for the module and expect it to work properly. Especially since this wasn't even an issue pre 2.7. Absolutely.
  10. Can ED please finally aknowledge and fix the issues with ship wakes in 2.7? Especially regarding the paid supercarrier module? It is all but realistic, looks weird and the turbulent white wake effect should also be more pronounced and visible from a distance, helping you with lineup.
  11. Has it ever been not broken since they implemented the new API?
  12. Would sure be awesome to have JDAM capability but also understandable if there is a lack of documentation on the PTID. Still think the OG Tomcats are the best looking and most fun to fly.
  13. Weird, I think the 21 cockpit still is one of the best looking ones after all these years. Also keep in mind that the 21 was originally the first FF 3rd party module for DCS.
  14. Most late B's were B(U)'s - Upgrade with the PTID and Sparrowhawk HUD. Some squardons like VF-102 flew pretty much stock B's with the PTDI upgrade and some smaller stuff here and there. A lot also flew the A's until the end like VF-211, VF-14 etc. Most late jets also had DFCS. Think of the D as almost like a completely new airplane - it had much better avionics, a lot of different infrastructure and a new radar.
  15. Yeah the input smoothness when it comes to loft and de-loft is something fairly important. Also, during the terminal phase the Phoenix should be able to pull some fairly high G's and do high AOA turns as could be seen during the real life firings on highly maneuvering targets done by VF-11. My one major gripe with the 54C at least still is the CCM - we appear to have the ECCM/SEALED version since it does not require the PH-COOLING to be active thus it should have insane CCM and ignore most if not all ECM and chaff thrown at it.
  16. It'll probably only get better with time and become more optimized. Might need to tweak the LOD and terrain mesh etc. Remember when Syria came out where it is now? Even on my older system it's perfectly flyable - DCS in general is fairly well playable with even sub 30 fps in most cases. And once you climb high for combat you get all the frames anyway.
  17. This has been a thing since 2.5 and has not been fixed, which is pretty odd to me. All airborne player controlled aircraft (Multiplayer) have spinning wheels when in the air and being spectated (F2). Whether after takeoff or before landing after extending the gear. Please fix this small yet annoying visual bug.
  18. It's the first release verion, I'm sure it'll get fixed and polished as time goes on.
  19. Can we expect airfield and approach charts being added to the kneeboard by default like on all the other ED maps? Since there's only a handful of fields to begin with.
  20. Oh yeah, I almost crashed into that tower on final as it popped in. Fun.
  21. Yeah, I too find myself needing to re-learn and re-adjust with all these constant FM and handling changes since release causing a ton of negative training. Hopefully the next major FM update will be the final one.
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