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  1. Will it still be individual infantry units or was there some kind of move to squad based units?
  2. I wonder if that tank has the engine on or is it not affected by that?
  3. One thing I would like to see is the ability to drag select and click to move just like most other strategy games, it would improve the module immensely, I know this is probably very hard and not something that would come soon but I know a few guys who aren't into plane sims who are put off using the ground forces due to the "clunkyness" of the controls. Take this as a suggestion and not a critique!
  4. mmarques


    Would be awesome if they just put stickers over the labels for the English translation.
  5. Hah that reminds me of Little Toot Feeling old now
  6. I believe the old airfield you are looking for (Aeródromo Auxiliar Calderón) is this one:
  7. The issue is the carrier is very small and it only has 6 actual positions for aircraft, if you try to have more than that the extra ones will start to fill existing locations (or giving you the "your flight is delayed" message). The same issue will happen in airfields and other carriers although less noticeable because they usually have far more than only 6 locations where you can start from.
  8. Just run this miz, both planes will land and then crash into eachother after turning around at the end of the runway (also planes go off the runway to turn around). StanleyCrash.miz
  9. Oh wow, that Sea King looks amazing. Will be awesome to use it for UK, Argentina and Australia.
  10. Yea.. I might have sheep-napped them all
  11. I don't like beer so I wouldn't buy any whatever the price. I guess that might apply to some people over here as well? I for one am loving the map and thank RAZBAM for having the audacity of thinking outside the box and giving us a totally different type of scenario and part of the world to play with, I am absolutely sure the issues with the map will be sorted with time and what we have right now is quite enjoyable and playable, having a blast with friends. I also just ordered 3 books about the Falklands war. Thank you RAZBAM team, I know you guys get a lot of flak sometimes but don't let it get to you!
  12. When an AI section lands in formation at Port Stanley, direction east to west, the way the aircraft turn around after landing to get to parking area causes head on traffic collisions or deadlocks:
  13. Would also be nice if the KC-130 got an Argentine livery too. It's by RAZBAM right?
  14. Thanks I had not noticed that it was on the website. Looks impressive at first glance but I am little disappointed because all these are from the same Leander Class: HMS Achilles frigate HHS Andromeda frigate HMS Ariadne frigate Almirante Lynch frigate Almirante Condell frigate I was hoping for a little more variety, at least a Type 21 Frigate.
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