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  1. Nope. The UH-1 throttle is a twist-grip on the collective. Usually you're only messing with it after engine start. You start off at a low RPM, engage the rotor clutch, and slowly ramp up the throttle to get the rotor RPM into the normal operating range. After that, you're pretty much all collective, cyclic, and anti-torque pedals.
  2. Yup. Flying a helicopter with the TM Warthog in its default stick configuration feels pretty much the same as moving the cyclic in a 407 without the engine and hydraulic system up and running. You can do it, but it takes a lot of effort.:weight_lift_2:
  3. This is what I installed in my rig to solve my power issues with my CV1. I imagine that, since the Rift S uses LCD displays, instead of OLED displays, that it is probably even more demanding of good USB bus power. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FPIMJEW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Did you have a VR headset before your Rift S? You may be on to something with suspecting power issues. Not sure about the Rift S, but the CV1 is so demanding on USB bus power, I had to install a dedicated USB card that gets its power directly from my 1200 watt PSU. Before I did that, it had all kinds of crazy issues.
  5. For helicopters that have a throttle, I'm just using the grey slider to the right of the throttle on my TM Warthog. The main problem I think the stock TM Warthog HOTAS has for flying helicopters is too much spring force on the stick. A cyclic should stay pretty much where you move it, without immediately springing back to center. The default spring force tends to make flying a helicopter exhausting very quickly.
  6. Another fantastic video review by Mr. Ang! He mentions something that I hadn't thought of with the incredible resolution of the Reverb. He admits that he has no idea what anything is in the cockpit because he has never really been into flight sims. Now he's talking about getting into flight simming because of the Reverb's clarity. This could be a great thing for our community. More players means more funding for development. :D
  7. I did this with a $30.00 pair of digital calipers that I already had, and my bathroom mirror to make sure the tips were centered on my pupils. A lot more accurate, and I didn't even have to load more spyware on my phone. :)
  8. I thought this was an HP Reverb thread. :music_whistling:
  9. Heh, it was the child-like me that made me pre-order the non-pro, just because I wasn't finding the Pro version anywhere, and wanted to grab my place in line. :) They're not fundamentally different from each other though, and I figure I can add the nicer face cushion later. In any case, I think we're going to be ecstatic with our choice in headset. The resolution is higher than what I've been running DCS in on the pancake, since I only recently went 4K for that. I'm expecting that same wow factor that I had the first time I put on my Rift CV1, since that virtual world will be so much clearer than what I've become accustomed to. :joystick:
  10. I've seen two different pages with reviews for them, and both seem overwhelmingly positive, but there are also some very large coverage gaps in the time between postings of those reviews. Hope it works out for you, but I'm seeing a lot of red flags. There's no risk to the Amazon pre-order. I actually like the fact that they have changed the main product page to no longer taking pre-orders, it means they're just as unsure as everybody else should be about when it will actually start shipping.
  11. So, you've ordered lots of things from them, and know they're trustworthy? Amazon is a known quantity.
  12. Just to interject a little something on that subject, the post you're referring to was made on 4-8-19 and said "in the next update". There have been a few "next updates" since then, and the sound issue remains. Much like "whining" can be done with one post, so can one's disagreement with the subject of said "whining". ED has acknowledged that the sound is incorrect, and said they were fixing it in the "next update" in a post more than a month ago. The OP is pointing out that it hasn't been fixed. Not sure why its a problem for him to do that. Anyway, any time any of us don't like the topic of a discussion, we all have the option of not reading it and/or participating in it. Just sayin'. :D
  13. I concur. I'm running mine at 2.0 PD, and its MUCH clearer than 1.3, 1.4, or 1.5. Gauges and placards are much easier to read without zoom.
  14. Did that review also include a review of the Rift S? It sounds like you might have been reading the ARS Technica review that has had its link posted on this forum several times in the last week or so. If it was that one, the author gets a lot of his details mixed up between the two headsets (comments about physical features that don't even exist on the Reverb, but exist on the Rift, etc.), and he doesn't mention the Mura problem that a lot of other reviewers have mentioned as pretty much the only problem they saw with the Reverb. Its currently rumored that that one problem is the cause of the release delay of the Reverb, so even that is probably going to be fixed. Heh, don't really care for rumors and speculation though. I've got a Reverb on pre-order with Amazon, and if I hate it when I finally get it, I'm planning on using Amazon's excellent return policy. Until then, I have my Rift like you do, so I'm in no rush. I want HP to get it right, rather than releasing an incomplete product to meet a deadline. I'm also planning on keeping my Rift, because like you, I have a lot of Oculus titles that I don't want to lose access to. Hoping that somebody much more clever than I am with computer hardware will maybe come up with a hack to get Oculus Touch controllers to work in the WMR environment. Might be impossible, but it would be an awesome thing. I bought an HMD once based solely on the reviews it was getting, and I hated it. Won't mention the name of it because that tends to get people upset. LOL. What I learned from that though is that only the individual can determine if an HMD is right for them. Currently still loving my dinosaur CV1. :D
  15. Cool! We could even have the signature "L-39 smell" in the L-39 cockpit.
  16. Thanks for the update, Naruto. That was a lot more informative than his previous post. He handled that really well. I see my buddies in field service support for a major avionics manufacturer taking a lot of unnecessary abuse from aircraft owners on various aircraft owner forums, and I have no idea how they can remain as calm and professional as they do. Looks like its a little worse in the computer hardware world. Its gotta get pretty old having a bunch of angry nerds show up on your lawn with torches and pitchforks demanding answers for a missed deadline. Still got my pre-order in, and still have faith in HP. :D
  17. Yup. I knew going into this that there would be hiccups and delays, and that I wouldn't see a Reverb for a while. I just looked around for a place with a good return policy, and didn't want money up front. When I found that place (Amazon), I pre-ordered. :D
  18. Whatever his role at HP, we're just saying that he's taking a big risk by making statements that he's not authorized to make. I saw his credentials on there about being an HP employee, but that's a pretty broad range of possible job titles. ;) In any case, we know there's a delay. My knowing the details of why there's a delay isn't going to change how quickly things get resolved though. I have my CV1, a Reverb on pre-order, and I'll just wait until they're able to ship it. If its due to an issue with the HMD and they're fixing it before they ship to consumers, I see that as a good thing. :D
  19. So, we essentially have a statement about how he can't make a statement. :thumbup:
  20. I completely agree with that assessment. If I made unauthorized statements on behalf of my employer just so I can be the "cool insider" on an internet forum, I'd be fired so fast my head would spin. I'm so cautious about this that I won't even mention who I work for, just out of fear that somebody might copy and paste my post on other forums, and next thing you know its interpreted as an "official statement" from my employer. :doh:
  21. As opposed to rumors on Reddit, it doesn't look like anything has actually changed with the manufacturer since December 8th of 2018. Their developer program has been "on hold until further notice" since that date. https://www.starvr.com/ Not like I'm gonna spend over 3 grand on something I'll use maybe 3 hours a week anyway.
  22. Hehehe. That was a fantastic review. The devious side of me right now is almost tempted to make an "insider" comment about the Reverb on the internet that will cause even more people to abandon ship as easily as they seem to have with the Reddit post. I figure, the more people get cold feet and give up when there's no financial risk to them, the quicker I'll get mine when they do start shipping them. :D
  23. Yup. Kinda reminiscent of one of those e-mails you get every once in a while, telling you that you have 6 unread e-mails, and all you have to do is click the link and enter your username and password on the site it takes you to. If there is any truth to the rumor of a recall, I'd rather have them do it before I have already spent my money and now have to deal with shipping it back. In the mean time, I still have my place in line on Amazon, and haven't been charged a dime.
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