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  1. I'll believe the story when its an official statement from HP on their Reverb page, as opposed to a post in broken English and poor grammar on Reddit.
  2. This happens a lot with avionics equipment too. The manufacturers go to Oshkosh every year, get everybody all jazzed about some new product they're releasing, and then it ends up being weeks before anybody can actually get their hands on one. You'd think in this modern world that they'd have their supply chains a little better sorted out. We'll see what happens. But we remember the long wait for the CV1, and this will probably go the same way. Good thing the CV1 is so well-built. It'll keep us going until the new stuff finally starts getting delivered.
  3. Hehehe. Top trending doesn't really mean anything, especially since you can look at the comments sections on any on-line news site and see that the vast majority of users contributing to statistics usually don't bother to read beyond the headline. ;) Not sure where its available for pre-order right now, except for Amazon. Best Buy has them listed, but they say they're "sold out". HPs site has the shop now button, but when you click on it, it takes you to the Reverb Pro only, and says its sold out. Amazon seems to be the only one allowing you to take a number and wait in line. The other two places don't even give you that option. HP had the "notify me" button, which I clicked on weeks ago and put my e-mail address in. They never e-mailed to notify me of the release, and they no longer seem to have a button that allows you to ask them to notify you when they have them back in stock.
  4. That's my thought on the Reverb that I pre-ordered from Amazon. In the end, the only review that's going to matter is my personal experience. If its terrible, I'll return it and get my money back. :)
  5. If you went for the Rift based on that review, all I can say is "I'm sorry". A few of the major issues the author was wrongly attributing to the Reverb were actually issues with the Rift. Not saying that you made a bad choice, but the review you linked was very poorly written and made me start to doubt the reviewer actually had either headset to test. You should be good with the Rift though. They make a good product, and I love my CV1. For my purposes, the resolution specs on the Rift S just didn't justify buying another HMD. It wasn't enough of an improvement for me.
  6. LOL! How many more times is that same, erroneous review going to get posted in this thread? :megalol:
  7. May want to read the review carefully so you can spot all of the speculation and confusion of details between the two headsets being reviewed in it. :book:
  8. Watched this one last night when it went live. I was really happy to see that he didn't forget us simmers in his testing. Looks like I made the right choice in placing my pre-order with Amazon yesterday. :D
  9. That same link was already posted in this thread yesterday, and if you read it carefully, you can see that the reviewer engages in a lot of "in this situation it would probably---" speculation on things he hasn't even tested. At various points throughout that article, he also appears to be confused about which of the two headsets he is writing about. For example, he mentions the "Reverb's flip-up functionality feels flimsy and bumps into your head". The Reverb does not have the halo-mounted flip-up feature, but the Rift S does. He also claims that the headphones on the Reverb feel cheap and cannot be removed. Yet, he mentions the 3.5mm jack on the headset. What does he think HP put that jack there for? HP, and several reviewers that actually know what they're talking about, not only say that the phones are completely removable, they even show you how its done. Those other reviewers also comment on the surprisingly excellent sound quality of the built-in phones. Was it all just typos and poor editing? Possibly. I must say though that its a little baffling to see that a few people have posted here saying that they have already written the Reverb off, based on that obviously erroneous review that seems like it was written by someone who didn't actually even have either headset in their hands.
  10. Its also much easier to notice blurring, when the image in the sweet spot is so much sharper than everybody else's. Its all relative. That review has a lot of "this probably means that in this situation it does this---" speculation in it. The only review that matters to me is my own observations in what I'm using the HMD for, and the retailer's return policy can take care of the rest if it becomes necessary. :D
  11. I just pre-ordered mine from Amazon after reading Amazon's statement on the page that they won't run my card until they actually have a unit to ship to me. In the mean time, I have my CV1,and lots of other things to keep me occupied. I figure that speculation on my part isn't going to change reality or make things happen any faster. I'll just wait and see what happens. :D
  12. Yup. Currently running my Rift at 2.0PD.
  13. Its 6:44AM Mountain Time. Do you know where your "50% betterment in VR" is? :D
  14. I look at these "through the lens" comparisons like taking a picture from a mountaintop and trying to relay the full affect to other people who weren't there with the picture alone. Unless they have been there, the value of the visual information in the photo is going to be highly subjective. It'll be interesting to see the performance of a VR HMD that isn't having to use extra clock cycles to upconvert and downconvert. Looks like it might be a while before any of us get our hands on a Reverb, but I'll wait. My Rift works just fine, and spending money to get something only slightly better in the interim isn't an option.
  15. I was trying to make a joke. Looks like I failed. :doh:
  16. The resolution is disappointing. Like I've been saying for a while, if their resolution was something to write home about, they would have disclosed it a long time ago. Of all the things to keep a secret on a new VR device, resolution generally isn't one of those things. Looks like the HP Reverb is going to be my next headset.
  17. It would still be cool to see a comparison review done on the XTAL, if for no other reason than to see how badly people are getting ripped off if they buy an XTAL.
  18. AFAIK, the only color that's relevant on the various AGM/TGM variants is the color of the stripe. I go back far enough to remember some inert AGM-65Ds being painted a bright metallic blue, but they always had a blue stripe instead of a yellow one.
  19. Exactly! The YouTube videos are fantastic at showing how to employ weapons. You just take that info as a basic outline, and then practice, practice, practice.
  20. I'd take anything published in National Interest with a grain of salt from a realism standpoint. They seem to keep driving with this narrative that there is one plane that can do it all on the battlefield. Thankfully, the Air Force leadership recognizes that in an all-out war, nobody is going to be out there all by themselves trying to fill every possible role. Its all about using the right tool for the right job. One of my favorite things to do with the A-10C in DCS is try to develop tactics for attacking air defenses, and succeeding. Not a realistic mission at all for the A-10C, but like Sierra99 pointed out, I'm not going to die doing it. If I wanted to be a purist, I'd fly missions just like the one he talked about, where you fly for hours, hitting the tanker over and over, only to engage a single target when everybody is finally confident that we're not hitting something that's going to make somebody angry. I'd rather just have fun and challenge myself by playing that Rambo pilot that National Interest expects me to be. :D
  21. You can also disable Rift's own AA through Oculus Home. Click on the settings icon on the Oculus Home control panel, then select Graphics from the settings menu. AA will be there to turn on and off.
  22. https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/pcsdk/1.16/concepts/asynchronous-spacewarp/ Don't worry about the registry editing BS in the link, the Control-Numpad(x) commands at the bottom work while you're in VR in DCS. :D
  23. The sensor orientation bug is back in 2.5.4? So glad I still have my release version stuck at 2.5.3
  24. Completely agree. Some people complain that ED isn't telling them anything, and then the instant they tell us something, those same people take it as a promise that the thing they're working on will be addressed in the next update, and complain that it didn't happen when no such promises were made. I think this video clip fits. :D
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