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  1. Heh, I don't think there's anything creepier for your neighbors than walking by your patio and seeing some guy wearing a strange looking piece of headgear and pushing a stick back and forth. That would happen if you're having to open curtains to make your VR gear happy. :D Having to tweak the lighting conditions is just another PITA thing to deal with. Kinda like the old days of having to get lighting conditions just right for your TrackIR.
  2. The article says "next update" and then references the post that Matt made on this forum, that says nothing about a promised release date. I get an error now when I click on the link to the blog. Hopefully that's because the article has been removed. Its got to be frustrating for the ED guys when these bloggers commit them to things that they never promised. They've got the major source of the VR issues pinned down, and it sounds like they might have a fix for it, and that's a good thing. When it comes out is up in the air, but at least we know they're closer to a solution.
  3. Which plane are you flying mostly? I just put a 2080ti in my 8700k machine and it made some improvements, but the TGP and Maverick displays in the A-10C still really mess with the ASW. I never see the frames drop below 45, but I still get the splitting images when I look to the side. Its only in the A-10C, and only when the TGP and/or Mavericks are displaying an image. Congrats on the upgrade! Is it just me, or can you see more detail and depth with the 2080ti?
  4. Cool! A comparison to the Rift is exactly what I was looking for. I just don't want to end up with a headset that lags/keeps moving after my head stops. If it tracks like the Rift, then its definitely worth looking at. Thanks 33-DFTC! :D
  5. What headsets did you guys have before your current ones?
  6. Thanks for that, but I was asking the question of the person I quoted. Having to mess with lighting and putting posters on the wall to compensate for WMRs shortcomings isn't something I would be interested in.
  7. What headset did you have before the Explorer that you're comparing it to for tracking lag?
  8. Hopefully this will address the performance issues caused by the TGP in the A-10C as well. That has been the source of most of my headaches with VR performance. Every aircraft I have tried in VR, including the A-10C runs smoothly in VR at my settings, but as soon as the TGP or Mavericks start displaying images on the MFDs, the performance goes to hell.
  9. I've gotta say, now that I have seen the leaked resolution specs on the Index, I'm leaning that way too. The IPD adjustment isn't of major importance to me, but I like the fact that the Index will still be using its own controllers and sensor package. I'd rather not deal with the tracking lag of WMR headsets with inside-out tracking after all these years of having my Rift. When one of the reviewers of the Reverb expressed concern about the tracking lag, and the HP rep's answer was "That's a Microsoft thing.", that definitely knocked it out of the top slot. Really trying to avoid another finger-pointing situation between tech companies. When the HMD manufacturer is responsible for the entire solution, I think we're much more likely to get quick resolutions to issues that might come up. Besides, Steam/Valve have been the biggest promoters of VR gaming, so they know things the other companies don't know. I'll wait to see what their official specs are, but if they turn out to be what was leaked, or turn out to be even better, I think its a no-brainer. :D
  10. I haven't really been keeping up with all of the developments in DCS along the way, but at one time, the water was the base layer of the terrain engine. Not sure if that's still true. As far as Vulkan goes, we've all seen that subject discussed on these forums for years and it hasn't been implemented yet. My guess on that would be that in this particular application, its not being found to yield a big enough performance increase to warrant further development and implementation, with all of the risks associated with a major programming change.
  11. You're starting DCS from Windows, right? You're not trying to start it by clicking on the DCS icon in Oculus Home, are you?
  12. I don't have a Pimax, so I'm taking a shot in the dark here based on my Rift. Have you tried changing the vertical position of the Pimax on your head? Maybe rotate it clockwise and counter-clockwise around your nose and see if anything changes? Maybe the lenses in the Pimax aren't precisely aligned in the vertical.
  13. Disregard my previous post as a fix for the annoying 2.5.4 sounds. I just tried the sound mod with the latest 2.5.4 Beta, and the cool sounds of the mod are there, but now they're just overlayed on top of the annoying rumble. Also, the engine noise still gets quieter with speed. I just landed from a mission, and the engine whine doesn't come back to full volume until you get to around 60 knots. I can understand engine noise getting fainter and fainter as you approach mach, but, 60 knots? By that logic, the engine noise in my car should get almost imperceptible when I'm traveling at highway speed. Yup. 2.5.4 sound is definitely borked. :lol:
  14. Yup. Still looking to the Reverb as my VR HMD upgrade. I may even upgrade the processor to a 9900K soon, since this would be the first time in memory that a significant processor upgrade isn't going to require a new motherboard. It runs on a Z3XX series motherboard, just like my 8700K does. Starting with the GPU first though, so I can see how much difference it makes on its own. The difference between the 980ti and 1080ti on my 5960X machine was like night and day. Hopefully this will be the same.
  15. Heh. Just ordered mine on Sunday. LOL This is great news though! For all of us who made the same leap to a 2080ti, it just means the new improvements will be even more noticeable. :D
  16. Have you tried the Deadlyfishes sound mod for DCS? I have it, and it works with 2.5.4. I definitely agree with you that the sounds have been hosed since 2.5.4 came out. The Deadlfishes mod is pretty awesome, so give that a shot. You can find it here: https://throughtheinferno.com/mods/
  17. Is the designator for the TGP on the building? Do you have the TGP in Point-Track mode, locked on the building when you lase and then set the mark point? As far as I know, using the laser when setting a markpoint only gets the range to target a little more dialed in. If you have the TGP pointed at the ground behind the building, the laser is going to do its range-finding to the ground behind the building.
  18. Not to mention the fact that it feels like you're playing with a kid's toy compared to the DeWalt. :D Had a similar experience when I tried that "other" HMD. This situation is like DeWalt suddenly deciding they want to emulate Black & Decker because they want to get more people using power tools.
  19. +1 I had no interest in being part of the negative IQ culture of Facebook either, but I was just sure Oculus was biding their time so they could release something better than what everybody else had. Now they've shown that they're not going to do that, so it just made my decision easier to leave the privacy invaders and data miners behind. If they're going to slap their enthusiast market in the face like that, they don't deserve my support. Time will tell if their new business model makes them more successful, but I'm not going to be artificially helping their numbers out of some sort of blind loyalty.
  20. Yup. The latest Beta update has made things worse than ever. Even the F-14B that I just paid 80 bucks for, that was about the only plane I got decent VR performance in last week, has turned into a friggin slide show. But, at least I still have my release version at 2.5.3. Can't use the 80 dollar F-14B there though. How convenient. :mad:
  21. Yup. Its a wait and see kind of thing. I have a feeling though that if they had significantly improved on display resolution, they would be trumpeting that as well. As for IPD adjustment on the Reverb, I still don't see HP making any official mention of IPD on their Reverb Pro page, so we'll have to wait and see there too. I know that bloggers who attended a tech convention refer to HP reps telling them how IPD is handled, but I'll take that with a grain of salt. Whatever HMD I decide on (proably the HP Reverb, just for the resolution and comfort), I'll make sure to buy mine from a place that has a good return policy. My recent experience with another manufacturer's WMR headset taught me that it is definitely a wise choice to go that route.
  22. I wonder if it would be possible to use both a WMR headset and the Touch controllers in the same environment. Not in a dedicated VR game that doesn't allow for multiple controller types, but maybe in DCS. I'm not planning on getting rid of my Rift stuff when I upgrade, so I'll have to try that out.
  23. The IPD adjustment knob and FOV seem to be the focus of their current ad campaign, which makes me wonder if it has any other advantages. We'll have to wait and see if the display resolution improvement is worth it, or if the focus on the IPD knob is like a Fiat commercial focusing on cup holders. :)
  24. I find that if I get it just right, it makes the placards in the cockpit a little bit sharper. Certainly not a show stopping difference though. But, the more critical alignment I have noticed is the vertical. Doesn't take much vertical displacement of the lenses in my Rift to make things start to get blurry. That's easy to adjust though, we just pull the HMD down a little further. :D
  25. +1 Like I was saying, its much easier to upgrade individual hardware components as CPU and GPU technology advances than it is to give an HMD higher-resolution displays than what it came with.
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