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  1. I was just over on the Ubi/il2 forums, and saw an interesting request, which I'll pose here as a question. Will the BS multiplayer support 48 players (64)? Sorry I didn't do a search for the answer. As I look into the future, and see the release of two-seater ac, I can't help but wonder how many would be supported online. I can see it now. Hordes of Su34s flying interdiction, and sead missions; then KA-52s swooping in to take out columns of juicy targets. Strike Eagles clearing a path for Longbows? The future would sure look great if the multiplayer were (eventually) up to the task.:music_whistling: don't hate! Flyby out
  2. not at all... The Cougar is not bad at all. It is a "manly" rig, but nothing to worry about. No, I can't palm a basketball.;)
  3. maybe if we forego the pretty pictures? that sounds like a beast of a manual if CAT is correct. To think that I felt the manual for Falcon 4 was a large one!:huh: I suppose there will be a graduation ceremony to go along with the degree one gets upon completion?:D Flyby out
  4. have some cake! Happy birthday,and may you become a really old geezer in the happy years ahead!:drunk: Flyby out
  5. Paris it is! As for overclocking, I certainly intend to do a bit of overclocking, but I'm not an extremist. I haven't decided on a mobo yet, or even a chipset on the mobo for that matter (p35, x38 or x48 maybe). I'll probably select a mobo with sli cabability so I can add an extra video card when I can afford one (when prices drop). So far, there is no benefit to having a mobo with pci-e 2.0, so the p35 chipset looks good, but again, if prices drop maybe an x38 is in the cards. Gotta stay within the budget, and sell blood when I'm sober.;) I hope to get my hands on an e8400, or e8500 cpu. I think those will overclock to 4ghz with a good heatsink. That's why I want to overclock, but not heavily; the combat flight sims I'd fly (IL2-1946, LOMAC, SoW_BoB, and Black Shark) are more cpu (than gpu) dependent. So the more hz the better. Then it's a matter of good ram (either ddr2 or ddr3-if the price drops). Oh did I agree to Paris? How about Monaco? We could be there in time for the Grand Prix, watch it from the boat, and look at all the high-lifes eny us for the naked women we have on deck. I'm sure Sulan knows only the prettiest, most agile, and most well-endowed (and tempermentally agreeable) girls. So we're in like Flynn!:D Note to me: limit my replies to less than 1000 words from now on out:music_whistling: Flyby out
  6. need some incentive, dp? Hey diveplane, nice system specs, but what mobo do you have? Also, if you hurry and help get BS out before the summer is up maybe Sulan will invite you to join him, me and the good Captain R on the deck of his boat with some nice (naked) girls.;) Flyby out
  7. diveplane... you have no time for that! get back to testing. Once BS is released to us then you can watch all the birds you like. Maybe even play with their eggs...:music_whistling: But until then, you just don't have the time, rotorhead.:pilotfly: Flyby out;)
  8. patience, please relax guys. aside from political interferrence, things will rebound. I believe it's partly cyclical, and mostly due to greedy bastiches in the mortgage sector. Huge mortgage write-offs will have an impact for a while and the FED will continue to try to save things (if it doesn't spur inflation while doing so). Meanwhile, if you're young, and investing in any market, just hold on. Patience. BTW, this idea the Prez and Congress have to hand out $$ so people can spend the economy out of recession is just plain bull. Historically that tactic has never worked, and is only a political "feel-good" to show the politicians are doing something (while not really addressing the problem, which is the credit crunch a lot of people are in.) Oh, I'll take the cash, and will use it to help buy a new gaming pc. ;) But like a lot of people, I've cut back where needed because everything costs more now. A lot of those foreclosing on their homes were caught out, hoping to ride the housing boom (and quickly increasing equity in their homes) before their ARMs grew too high for them to afford the payments. A gamble very many lost, sadly. Then there are those who had bad credit who were allowed to get an ARM, and buy a home they clearly could not afford to keep. Again, greedy bastiches selling to whomever, nevermind their credit rating.:doh: Meanwhile, DCS release no sim before it's ready. Flyby out
  9. I'm that guy... Hi Sulan, Yes I used to spend a lot of time flying IL2 on Hyperlobby, and I always enjoyed the Warclouds server. I liked the people, and the settings. It was great to get on comms, and team up with a bunch of guys, then go trolling for victims. I recall on time I staged an ambush by flying an A20 at low altitude while some friends flew high escort. When I was attacked, my friends sprang the ambush, and got several kills!:D Also I made many coop missions for my squadron (the 99th). I always liked to create missions that were almost impossbile for my side to win (I like a desperate situation). My squadies began to refer to those missions as "Die-by" missions.;) Sadly I became very ill with intense neurological pain (long story). That made it impossible to even sit without a lot of pain, let alone fly online. The good news is that the illness apears to be self terminating. At least now I can sit here using the wife's pc. I'll be building a new gaming pc in the coming months, and look forward to returning to my squadron, and Hyperlobby. We should fly together. My time zone is GMT-5 and I'm semi retired now so I'm almost always available. I used to fly with the D13-th. It's leader is Mytzu, from Romania. Great flying full real with that bunch too. Meanwhile, save me and Captain R a spot on deck!!:thumbup: AWD is short for All Wheel Drive. It's one a several ways to drive all wheels on a vehicle. In a sport compact car it means greater traction in all driving regimes, and is tons of fun! The good Captain has made a super conversion in going from front wheel drive to AWD (and posted some nice pics too). Hey Captain is that a Greddy BOV I see there? Beautiful engine bay, man. Nice work. Those camera specs sound good too. Who is it that just came out with a 14.5mp digital camera? I can't keep up!:lol: You know you need to post a shot of your car now. No honest street jet pilot would do less.;) Wait! Wait!! Don't let me get long winded!! Flyby out
  10. good grief, man! Are you mad?! Captain, you converted your car to awd?:shocking: You gotta post pictures of that baby!:D That is one impressive undertaking (and to do it alone too). Well ya gotta be an ace mechanic is all I can say about that.:thumbup: BTW, is that a Garrett turbo? What engine management are you using? Did you also upgrade your injectors, and fuel pump? What sort of pics do you take with that dslr? Are you partial to one type of subject matter? Back in '69 I used to take photos of my fellow servicement whiel I was stationed on Okinawa. I'd pose them at variousplaces on the island, then develop the shots on base. Always preferred b&w photos. They seem to make one linger longer than color shots do. I still have my cameras from then: A Yashica 635 box type portrait unit, and a Canon FT slr,plus a few accessories. Sulan, you are of course correct. My wife gave me a gift, and continues to do so every day. Women tend to be the nurturers, and always want the best for their men (a qualifed statement there!). I don't think my wife would pose nude on your boat and let Captain_R take her picture, though. But if you find volunteers, let me and the Captain know, eh?;) Flyby
  11. sail on, sail on, sailor Sulan, thanks for posting the pic. Looks like clean lines, but not a lot of room for very many naked women to ly about! (apologies to naked women reading this thread);) It seems jazz spots the world over must be small places, except for the big festivals. It's certainly the case here. What used to be called a jazz festival has finally changed it's name after long ago ceasing to host jazz artists. It's now an R&B fest, which is cool, but nowhere close to it's original jazz roots. Ah, capitalism. If the jazz thing were still making a nice profit, it might still be here. A quick story: Once, some years ago, I'm lying in bed (early), and my wife is on the phone speaking with someone. I'm trying to be polite and not real listen until I hear her say "oh, he'll be there!" She hangs up and tells me She's enrolled me in piano classes. Againt my protestations I finally relent and go. Now, I have no musical ability AT ALL but there I was leaning to read, and write music . Finally after 8 weeks, I'm sitting down at our piano and writing the first few stanzas (?) to Dave Brubeck's "Blue Rondo ala Turk". I take it to my music instructor, and he says I almost nailed it, and he plays it for me. I was very close, but I did butcher it up enough that I knew when to quit.:music_whistling: So here I am today, rather more comfortable listening to good music, and trying to decide which chipset (p35, x38, or x48) with help power my next computer upgrades. Now if only I could discover the wife on the phone saying " OK, he'll pick up his new Nissan GT-R nexxt week." :D Yeah, I know. She already told me to dream on.:mad: Flyby
  12. keep that studio open! Hey Sulan, how is the jazz scene where you are? Get many jazz groups in your studio?Ever hear of Terje Rypdall? I hope I spelled his name right. Also, what jazz lover can be without Miles' "Kind of Blue"?:thumbup: If you have some, can you post a few sailing shots? You've pigued my interest a bit. Flyby out
  13. Salute to All!! An ever wideneing range of interests here, I see. Good stuff! I've seen on tv some speed gliding, and it looks awesome. I've been interested in trying gliding, and at least one parachute jump before I kick the bucket (but we'll see). As for stunt-bike riding, well it's best left to more youthful types than me. Anyway, it's good to see what people also do, who otherwise sim.;) Flyby
  14. nice chapeau Cool sky piece (hat, helmet)! Let us know how the tir application works out Flyby
  15. thank goodness for cable! Here in Ohio, USA I watch Top Gear too. I recall my wife having to shut my drooling mouth when I saw the episode featuring the Pagani Zonda!:D I used to watch 5th Gear, but I guess it wasn't renewed. Flyby
  16. Hey guys, be sure to check out the "chit-chat" forum. I guess it's a fairly new collection room for wayward talk.;) Flyby out
  17. "Kind of Blue" S~ Chris Man that style of bike riding seems to bode ill for spreading the old bloodline. One slip and it's the 2-ball in the side pocket! I too have enjoyed Tom Clancy, and those of his genre. But currently I am re-reading "The years of the Sky Kings" by Arch Whitehouse. It's a historical (he was there) look a air combat of the first world war, first published in 1964, I think. As for jazz, we seem very similarly inclined, except that I never warmed to Benny Goodman, nor big band jazz in general. But yeah I am a big fan of Miles, Coltrane, Brubeck, including the great Paul Desmond, and the outrageous Sun Ra. A quicky about him: my brother, and one of my very closest friends were listening to Sun Ra one day, circa 1972. I was out and about, but returned after a bit. I asked who that was they were listening to, and my brother pointed to the album jacket (remember vinyl albums?) So I comment very casually, as if I'm in the know, "oh, checking out Sun RAY". Man did those two guys howl with laughter!! My "cool" was blown, and I was thusly schooled. :blush:To this day I have several of Sun Ra's albums, and even three or four 8-tracks (heard of them?) The house boat sounds like a cool place to spend a summer's day. I actually like to visit a nearby park that overlooks a local municpal airport. Ever since I can remember I've looked up at the sound of aircraft passing overhead. I live about an hour from the U.S. Air Force's national museum too. I like to let a few years pass between visits. I just read where it has received it's first F-22 Raptor, so I'll have to go take a look as soon as the weather warms up a bit. BTW friends call me Darryl. I fly with the Virtual 99th_Tuskegee Airmen in IL2 (or will again as soon as I build a new system) Flyby out
  18. oh, well I like... One of my hobbies was modifying my car(s). In the past I modified teo Toyota MR2s (a Mk1 Supercharged, and a MKII Turbo). Spent a lot of $$ doing that. I now own an 02 Subaru WRX, and I had modified it for extra power, before returning it to stock power levels. Still, I have a custom exhaust, and (the best mod I ever made) an 11.5:1 quick ratio steering rack. No more monkey motion behind the wheel. Plus the ususal thicker anti-roll bars, and slightly wider tires. The thing is still a little rocket, and certainly a gas-guzzler as I struggle to average 17mpg in mostly urban driving. No moer joy rides with premium gas at over $3.00 per U.S. gallon. As an old coot now, I enjoy reading techno-war thrillers, and historical war accounts. Plus, like all cool men before me, I enjoy jazz, mainly of ther bop era. Cooking is cool with me too, as I am the cheif cook, and bottle-washer here.;) Flyby out
  19. you mean... CAT, you had a 100mb hdd?! :eek: I had a 10mb hdd, and three floppies (the ones the size of a dinner plate). And I had to rely on my imagination because the wife wouldn't let me buy a monitor! :fear: Flyby out
  20. on the other hand... ya know why men die before their wives? Because they want to!!:megalol: (my wife hates that joke) Flyby ps I just found out that I'm allowed to buy a GeForce 4600 graphics card. Isn't that a legacy card from the early ninties...:( and do they still make the 486 processor? Wife says i can have one of those too.:cry: So who told on me?:mad:
  21. well now! we have another one! Hey HHFL, As you indicate, such relationships are give-and-take affairs. She give me shid and I take it! :eek: I've gone from "yes dear" to "yes ma'am"! She's had the advantage ever since she velcroed my b@lls! Last I saw them she was heading for the freezer!:lol: Seriously, as an older guy I want to tell you younger types to remember to think about your retired self. Not to be pushy about it, just to say I hope you guys plan now to live well when you retire. Maybe you'll be able to retire early, but plan for it now just to help ensure that your older self lives as you want. Flyby
  22. howzabout... "The Hunters" is a film based on the book by James Saulter. The time period is the Korean war, Sabres versus MiGs. Given that it was made in the early 60s it's only a fair film, and not really very close to the book (in which the hero dies). But to see Sabres flying against MiGs (actually F84 Thunderjets) is OK to watch once or twice. The movie has a love story, again not even close to the book, but there you are. Do a google. Flyby out
  23. Triggerhappy69 hahahahahahaha!!!! this thread is either becoming theraputic or sick!! "BTW.. you look lovely in that gravy-stained robe....!" :megalol::megalol::megalol:
  24. rocketeer, you better be careful, Man! I feel ya with that memory thing, rocket. I was once so frustrated at my wife recalling shid from eons ago that I accused her of making it up because she KNEW I wouldn't remember!:badmood:That's why a feeling of paranoia comes over me when I see that "gotcha!" look in her eyes when springs that stuff one me. Could she be making that up, or is it really that I don't remember?:cry: It ain't fair! It just ain't fair. That's the price we men pay for having that little swinging bandit down there, I guess. But hey! It's cool!:thumbup: Flyby
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