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  1. Where is NTTR and the other theatres? :D With a high end gf, i can produce pictures like those, if not better ;)
  2. EDGE is already relised in small doses, correct me if im wrong please. BUT a word on new theatres would be good for us poor simers :)
  3. so 129 is coming with 27AFM I suppose,... but NTTR and EDGE? -- Modules are coming quickly ''as expected'' but when is the ''base'' coming? -- in order for maps to come as fluently as aircraft modules come ?
  4. We really need a written update on NTTR and EDGE, edge not so much as it is making its way through the black sea already ;) The NTTR project is taking so long..., and I m saying this because im in a waiting state, not for NTTR map, but for maps that will come after this tiny one.
  5. Looking the battle through Ralfis vrecord, I felt as happy and ''adrenaline full'' as I was in the battle. (ok ok ad some alcohol:D) By the way, the awfully close 29 spike behind your flight was me, until our gci re routed me left towards the great UVAF assasins that came from inside the mountains to intercept me :) I would like to thank again all the vPilots who participated in the event. It was quite an ''adventure'' for me..:D (you know, wine, barely able to speak and this staff :D) But in the end I really felt that I was among friends who all had fun, and thats what counts for me :) :pilotfly:
  6. I will also post the track if needed. In any case, it was a HUGE fun to fly with you guys, exept that I got bingo of wine :) S!
  7. if i fly a 27 then no problem for me at all... :D i ll be ready for the fight!!!:D
  8. Hey FLANKERATOR. Many vital things are missing or still ''work in progress'' in the new 1.2.8. Since I m going to fly the 33, AoA indicator, airspeed indicator, jammer lamp, fuel indicator, doesn't work as intended. su25t also have no lamps for ECM and IR jammers working at the moment. F15 AFM is still work in progress (although i did not fly it in beta RC3 to be honest). Ka50, mi8, huey, a10c, su25, mig29, su27 have no issues with 1.2.8 but no major additions if any except the sling load for the huey. So overall we have 3 modules that are not working as intended in 1.2.8 but they are perfectly functional in 1.2.7 (minus 6dof and AFM). In my opinion, in a PvP competition like this, correct functionality has to be above eye candy. EDIT: MP stability wise, I personally could not pinpoint any stability improvements over 1.2.7 version, at least in our server (373vFS phoenix). No drawbacks either, except 2-3 mem leak problems on my side (player) during MP mission loading. I personally did not update the official version to 1.2.8 yet. I will update when things get better. For eye candy and some fancy stuff like sling loads and AFM I run the 1.2.8 beta anyway. Best regards :joystick:
  9. I just hope that integration will finish soon and ED will release some tools to 3rd party devs so we can see a light in the tunnel. For me, NTTR will be only a ''demo'' and nothing more...
  10. I never doubted about the purpose of this terrain, I only objected on the size of it. Which is TERRIBLY small. (but that is my poor opinion and nothing more)
  11. In my opinion, a 200x200k +- theatre can only be a demo and not a full add on product for a jet simulator... EDIT: please delete my duplicate posts. It was a problem with my internet connection or something :)
  12. Take it easy guys! :) Like FLANKERATOR said, maybe he was flying more than 30deg constantly so he could not get any warning ;) But anyway, a track would be helpful to determine the situation :)
  13. Hello FLANKERATOR!! I would like to join too! :joystick: Callsign: 373vFS_TaliG Coalition: Red Airbase: Adm. Kuznetsov (if possible) Aircraft: Su-33 (if possible) SA : TaliG Thank you!
  14. UAVs are the key for ALL situations in our days..:music_whistling: Extreme situational awareness plus LOW COST. What is better, 20 UAVs or 1 f15e in the air? (the same cost) Heavy electronic warfare? Pre programed uav flight plans can deal with it easily. If they cannot, f15es cannot do it aswell. In my poor opinion, with our current technology, developing a human flown war aircraft is a no go. The future is in the UAVs and lasers:smilewink:
  15. Holy moly bomby bahamas!!! :shocking: I took my fix for this week guys :D see you next week! :thumbup:
  16. Nice pics but I have a question. Are we going to wait another decade for those ''pillow like'' clouds to become more real?
  17. My dream was to become a military pilot but eyesight prevented me from becoming one...:cry: If I could afford the money, I would definitely follow the commercial pilot path.. In the end I followed my other hobby and became an electronics eng. :) Anyway, I am grateful that technology has advanced and continue to advance, so I can get my fix from flying virtually :joystick: :thumbup:
  18. I wish for environmental views to be exported trough the network just like instruments are at the moment. I mean like 6-10 PCs rendering a piece of the environment, not instruments, just a piece of the external view, through the network... then we will be talking.. NASA simulation staff ;)
  19. So first I need to search all over the forum and if I do not find a post from ED that says ''hey guys this update is not from us, do not download'' then you suggest that Im ok... :dontgetit: And then you suggest that I really had to know how to read Russian... like its is something all of us are capable of... Did you have any coffee today mate ? :D
  20. BAD practice from ED. If there is no word from developers about their update, how can I be sure that this update actually comes from ED themselves? What if a hacker broke into their servers and pushes crap into my pc?
  21. The key is into low or zero latency network viewports. All commercial simulators are using this technique in order to have huge resolutions with extreme graphics on multiple screens. We currently have this option only for instruments plus the huge latency, compared to commercial software that was build with this option as standard. But again, how many simmers are going to buy 6 high end pcs to run 6 monitors, plus a high end server to drive those 6 pcs? That is the difference between your high end PC and a commercial simulator. they just use multiple high end client PCs plus a server, but you are using just one to do everything.
  22. NVIDIA Quadro K5000 from here: http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/press/releases/2012/hpc_video_wall/exxact_corporation/mura_mpx/avio_f120/maevex/i_itsec_2012/ EDIT: and here
  23. Maybe you have not realised that we are 3 months into 2014 and not 2004. A mid spec todays PC can run even better quality terrain... You can download outera and check for yourself if you dnt believe me :smilewink: EDIT: building @0:43 just begs to receive some miniguns ''treatment'' from the huey :D
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