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  1. Hi, I'm a bit late to the party but I'd like to register for Blue Flag. Callsign: sc275 Prefered Aircraft: MiG-21bis/UH-1H
  2. Doesn't the gun pod house a pair of cannons where the mig-21 only has 1 autocannon?
  3. I can confirm that Mustang's fix worked for my R9 380 4GB card. Thank you very much!!
  4. I think your link fixed my problem!! All I did was extract both files and drop them into my 1.5 Beta bin folder. Thank you!! I can spawn in without problems now! For anyone with problems wondering about my GPU driver I'm running Crimson 15.11 Attached is my log folder now that the problem has been fixed. log folder.rar
  5. Its a problem with many of the other modules right now as well including the mig-21, mig-15, and the Huey from what I've seen either in 1.5 or in 2.0. I'm mystified as to why it hasn't been fixed yet in all of these modules.
  6. Hi I'm crashing when loading in on any aircraft in 1.5 multiplayer. Here are my specs and my log file. The game freezes and won't respond after hitting the fly button. Only solution is to terminate the dcs process. I've uninstalled all mods and done a DCS repair all to no avail. I've also deleted my options.lua and that didn't work either. Intel Core i7-2600k @3.4Ghz CPU 16 GB RAM R9 380 gpu Log file copy and pasted onto a word document below. log.doc
  7. I have the same issue. I've been trying to fix it all day by repairing dcs, updating drivers, updating directx etc etc to no avail. I suspect it might be a problem whenever the Su-27 model placeholder for the Mirage is on screen.
  8. Will we see an official fix for this? The 1.5 Beta patch erased the hotfix and my kneeboard is not showing the route page again. I haven't tried the kneeboard on 2.0 Alpha yet. Can anyone confirm if it is working in the alpha or not?
  9. Has anyone tried a repair? I'm experiencing the same problem
  10. I see the issue and I have an AMD 7850. I experienced it on the "intercept" mission where you intercept a slow Russian prop bomber
  11. I'm just hoping for some footage of the weapons..
  12. Can't wait for the live stream. What time will it be and will it be on twitch?
  13. absolutely wonderful! Is the cockpit considered finished? It looks absolutely incredible.
  14. sc275


    overdue on the promised video :-(
  15. sc275


    fingers crossed that the update will come out before I go to bed tonight.
  16. i hate to be that guy but.. any video updates to be released soon? The old videos that were on the previous MiG21 website have been removed in the new website
  17. Wonderful news! Can't wait to play this within the next two months
  18. Looks incredible! Thanks for giving us another update
  19. have you made any updates to this mission recently wolle?
  20. why was the option removed? I remember the IP address was selectable in previous versions
  21. I've been having problems with the SAR PLB as well. Like Lizzad said. It doesn't seem to be transmitting on 40.6
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