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  1. Why would anyone join the team with more players on it? That doesn’t make any sense so I don’t see why the game needs to implement a balance. Player’s natural inclination is to get on the smaller team which increases the probability of action. This all seems like a solution in search of a problem.
  2. But a mission like that is silly and confusing. It was a necessity 9 years ago when DCS consisted of the Ka-50 the A-10C and a P-51D. And for aircraft without modern IFF such scenarios would just result in team killing or be forced to use labels. I’m not aware of any combat flight sim which has team balancing. Now there is enough variety in aircraft to have different opposing aircraft like in reality. It’s a natural incentive for players to balance the game in any case, it doesn’t need to be forced. Team balancing in games uses auto-joining/ matchmaking as well which won’t work well in a game with complex and DLC modules.
  3. It would be cool. The F-86 is a great module.
  4. How are players supposed to balance “skill” with one another?
  5. How do you figure this would work? Given that players don’t own or know how to fly every module. You can’t place people on a team without considering that. And as there are more modules available it becomes necessary and better for each faction to have different aircraft just as in reality. F-16s vs F-18s, Hinds vs Apaches etc. Putting identical aircraft on opposing sides creates IFF problems. Back when there were very few modules there was a P-51 vs P-51 server but we’ve moved past that.
  6. Due to the complexity of the aircraft, many players won’t want to be forced onto a side if that means being forced into an unfamiliar aircraft. Players may not own the other coalition’s modules. So automatic team balancing isn’t practical for DCS unless teams all featured the same modules. And that’s rather confusing having identical aircraft go up against each other.
  7. If people have trouble hearing you due to the background speaker noise, maybe try a noise cancelling microphone.
  8. There’s a “helmet” mode for audio. Maybe it has this affect already. Have you tried that? Also you can adjust all the different volumes in the menu. Maybe the helmet mode will consider this with the built-in VOIP feature coming soon.
  9. Is this an actual role for any combat aircraft today? I think not. DCS is a realistic sim, not a fantasy game.
  10. Yes you can ground stabilize the Mav with TMS aft-short. And then slew it to targets. I don’t think the Hornet can ground stabilize. The A-10 is much easier. In the Hornet you have to basically bore sight the Mav while flying and slew at the same time if you’re just using it’s sensor alone.
  11. You can use your smartphone camera and Google Translate. It will work if the text is clear enough German to English works well. Not sure about Russian…
  12. Don’t worry. I won’t. You’re just rambling nonsensically off topic about the A-10 cockpit. Plus what you’re proposing or concerned about could just be circumvented by using an outside VOIP app. So stop worrying. ED brought us a great game feature by adding built-in voice comms. You don’t need to have a meltdown over it.
  13. Well there’s a difference between playing a game for fun and playing it as a sport for a $600,000 prize. When gaming is done at that level I’m certain there are all sorts of hardware and playing field provisions. Like there would be in a real sport. DCS is too niche for that level of competition. And a typical multiplayer game isn’t an “eSport” really.
  14. Are you serious? Now actual eSports I’m sure have some specific hardware provisions but DCS is not one of those games.
  15. The trouble with using joystick plug-ins is that the whole point of DCS having built-in comms is to avoid having to use 3rd party software. So now we’re back to that.
  16. Well then it would at least be just like SRS. Yeah you just have to bring up the comm menu to talk and then hide it. But mapping six different buttons to both comm and VOIP would be difficult. The long and short press idea would work.
  17. It would be great if you could simply double-map HOTAS or key controls to both the game comms/radio controls and the VIOP. Otherwise it’s all taking up too many buttons.
  18. Not necessarily. I like the depth that CA brings to MP especially when doing CAS. I’m not sure how much CA actually contributes to the ground war action in MP though. But if it does, then that’s great.
  19. They know better than anyone here. It’s their business. Many of the wish list items are things they are perfectly aware of and if it was profitable for them to include, would already be in the game.
  20. Many the Wishlist items are asking ED to just spin their wheels. Consider the many years it takes for Eagle Dynamics to release any actual content for the game before suggesting these things. It seems ridiculous. You guys act like they have nothing else to work on. Anyone can be a 3rd party contributor as far as I know. But modders by definition are doing this on their own without direct compensation. I’m sure most of them want it that way vs the pressure of having paying customers. And some do in fact accept donations.
  21. Yeah but DCS is a niche game. I don’t think ED should devote their scant resources towards things that can be done by the uses or community.
  22. Because so far it seems that this is what ED’s military partners have paid them to do. I recall they have stated they have no plans for a “FPS” style game unless one of those parters asked them to.
  23. Most HOTAS controllers have enough buttons. But you do need one. Racing sim players all seem to be able to buy racing wheels, you don’t see them trying to drive with a keyboard. Between a HOTAS and the clickable cockpit you should hardly need to use the keys. The vast array of keyboard commands in the modules are there because… well why not? But they aren’t all meant to be used regularly. That should be obvious even to a new player. Any hobby needs the right gear You need skis for skiing and you need a rod for fishing. This hobby requires gear too.
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