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  1. If you want to view in and out quickly, just use the + and - magnifying glass, you can zoom into a window etc.
  2. Ah I confused Motion Smoothing with these frame doubling features in VR such as Asynchronous Spacewarp or Reprojection.
  3. When I create an area track with the TGP and try to uncage/slave the Mav to it, the missile slaves to the waypoint instead. Track attached 1st attempt, the Mav doesn't slave to the area track 2nd attempt, the Mav doesn't slave but some fiddling with the TGP gets it locked 3rd attempt, the Mav slaves right to the area track as expected. Why the difference? MavF.trk
  4. “Better” is a solution that solves the problem without gameplay side effects like creating another mission/server setting for MP. A genuine graphic option would accomplish this. I’m not sure every player would agree that the OP’s solution is “obviously” the best. The best solution would be for DCS to perform well enough that motion smoothing is unnecessary. I would not consider using VR myself until that’s accomplished.
  5. Was the old prop effect better with motion smoothing? Just put that back in then as an option. It’s possible that players wouldn’t like the choice limited between seeing ugly prop effects or no prop at all. I’m sure there’s a better solution.
  6. So the better solution for this would be a VR-friendly prop effect graphic option instead of just switching it off.
  7. I’ve used VR headsets in my work so I know what they’re like. But I’ve read enough about their troubles in this game to steer clear of them here.
  8. Well I do have a recurring theme of worry. But that worry is about ED spinning their wheels on silly requests.
  9. I’ve used VR headsets enough to know they wouldn’t be very good in sims like this. Case in point about motion smoothing.
  10. He’s an ED Tester so he knows more about the game than either of us.
  11. How could I be scared of it? I’ll never fly this sim with a keyboard or be worried about someone else out-flying me with one… The only ones who will be scared are new players reading this: “To select the AIM-7, push forward on the Weapon Select Switch on the CONTROL STICK [LShift] + [W].” How many players do you think use multiple press key commands in a dogfight?!
  12. Well @SkateZilla seems to agree that removing the prop altogether would be considered a game aid. I don’t own or test every WWII module but this seems fair enough. If this was to be a graphic option then there could be a choice of rendering modes, including a VR one with a simplified disc that doesn’t cause artifacts. That would be a better solution.
  13. It might be barely visible but it’s still something you need to look though and when it comes to discerning distant contacts it’s still a factor. A graphic option like simple vs advanced prop modeling might be a good idea. The simple version just being a texture or something. But not removing it entirely.
  14. But this is a complex PC simulator and not a simple console arcade game. That much is inherent to the product and indeed attracts a certain audience. ED is actually creating Modern Air Combat as the more simple version of this game for that type of customer. Honestly I think far from making anything easy or accessible, the bewildering array of keyboard assignments in DCS would tend to scare off new players. The modules are vastly easier to learn with a HOTAS and head tracking.
  15. As far as I can tell the DCS UI is on par with other PC games. If that’s confusing to people maybe this isn’t the game for them. If they can’t get past that how are they going to deal with the 600 page manual for the aircraft?
  16. Sure, having this control option is fine. The only real use for it is for new players who don’t have anything else. This is a free game after all. But adding more advanced options to it doesn’t make much sense. And I still doubt many new players even try the keyboard. Many people have Gamepads after all.
  17. So putting several days of development time for something only one player wants doesn’t seem like a good use of resources.
  18. I think a lot more people use monitors in DCS than keyboards for flying. It’s fine that this mapping is available for flight controls but the vast majority of people doing this are likely just trying out the free game. Putting further development into this doesn’t seem worthwhile.
  19. I wrote that in response to your post, go back and read…
  20. Not viable in the least… VR is a choice after all, it’s not required to play this game. If players don’t like it’s effects they can always choose not to use it. Who says this would be a quick fix? Nothing in DCS is quick… And the ill effect would be yet another divisive server/mission setting.
  21. Is your solution to degrade monitor visuals then? If VR performance was improved to the point where motion smoothing wasn’t needed, this problem wouldn’t exist. The problem here is motion smoothing, not the sim.
  22. It’s sorta see-through but it does hinder visibility for any display type. Making it completely invisible would be an exploit. The VR problem isn’t so much related to VR as it is motion-smoothing. The real problem is VR performance, motion smoothing should be something that kicks in occasionally, it was never intended that games run on this 100% of the time. Improving VR performance in DCS would eliminate the need for this and get rid of the artifacts. That’s the real problem.
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