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  1. :cry:This is very sad as I am a supporter of ED, Lock On, flanker etc and all for a long time now......hence original BS. It is a shame. I really apreciate your effort Lixma......thanx mate.
  2. Thanx for the tip but it does not give me that option to show serial no
  3. My Problem....... I got a new rig. Installed BS1 but for the life of me I cannot find my BS1 KEY......I do have the BS2 upgrade KEY. What now? Am I screwed?
  4. Hi. I see this server and suspect it is South African. Can I join perhaps. I live in Pretoria and see this server with a 94 ping.....close to me.
  5. The module that IMHO provides the most satisfaction during and after completion of missions. This is real simulation experience at its best. I have/ had them all........thunderhawk, commanche , Janes longbow, all MSFS, all X planes, take on heli.....and more. This module however even outclasses other DCS helis. I am very fortunate to have flown helis in real life as well as a vast amount of military training sims too. So take it from me.....this is the BOMB.
  6. Give me a helo and I will fetch them from the capsule after splash down.......cool mission.
  7. Thank you. Is it possible to elaborate a bit more......sorry still not completely shure:doh:
  8. Cannot find in the manual what this actually does.....can anyone help? Hope its not a stupid question.
  9. When Alt Enter is pressed, the trim (FFB) on helicopters does not function anymore.
  10. this was always the case before the latest update too. In Mi8 using the mouse to rotate the knob is normal but the keybindings respond incredibly slow. Not a major issue but iritating enough as this takes your hands off the HOTAS (pardon the irony).
  11. Knob to adjust course needle on the pilot directional gyro
  12. After the latest update the speed at which the needle moves is unbearably slow (slaved to joystick button in game). Any one else see this and also frustrated? :cry:
  13. Also when alt tab is pressed then the FFB trim force disengages and Track IR is "unplugged". Press it again and track IR is plugged but FFB (trim function) is not.
  14. After last update the thrust axis bar stays red in the adjust controls, axis screen. Cant get it to recognize anything.
  15. those SAAF skins are awesome.
  16. I use that chrome scroll rotary for next and prev pages scroll on the kneeboard (without SST programming). Works great.
  17. If you love the huey u should definitely get the Mi8.....what a beauty!!!!!
  18. Buy the M2000 for me and I will gift you my Mig 21
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