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  1. Graue Litzen werden am Kombi nicht getragen aufgrund der FoD Gefahr. Genauso wenig wird jegliche Art von Mütze auf dem Vorfeld getragen. (Bevor das Klugscheißen losgeht: ja ich habe Fliegerkombi getragen und ja ich weiß wovon ich rede ). Sorry for the german just had to explain some things regarding the flightsuit.
  2. Since there's a TM Warthog Thread already, do you guys have any recommendations for deadzones, curves etc for a smooth flight?
  3. Awesome idea, did you guys every considered opening up a discord server for the Non-Facebook people? I run the DCS F-14 discord with well over 1000+ Members now and can help you out setting it up ;)
  4. I dont know what source this is based on from your point of view but the cockpit and overall look the Tomcat has in DCS is actually as real as it can get. Just look at some IRL pictures and youll see what I mean.
  5. I hope we will see some sort of F10 shot soon since theres a lot of talking where itll start and where it ends but Im really looking forward to this!
  6. Lt.Seahawk

    LSO Vests

    Hello together, I was searching through the ED Files this morning to find the LSO Vests or Uniform .dds files to repaint/edit them (I want to put the squadrons patch on the back as well as some other stuff just as they had/have in RL). However I couldnt find them, is there any possibilty that someone helps me finding the right source? Ive done some skins for F-14s already do Im aware how to open and edit the files I just cant seem to find them. :) Thanks.
  7. Having the same issue, since the latest update my game seems to freeze up whenever I use the mission editor and place a jet on the map. Whenever I want to quit after flying my screen locks up and I have to use the task manager to close DCS down.
  8. Shared this on the DCS F-14 Tomcat Discord (link in my signature), thanks for sharing!
  9. This is by far the best RIO Tutorial that youll be able to find on the net: He covers really everything you need to know about the backseat. Check out my signature to join the biggest DCS F-14 Community and find a lot of stuff on there too, the Community is pretty Newbie friendly and people are helping each other wherever they can!
  10. Here is one I finished yesterday: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3308408/
  11. The 480th Fighter Squadron opened its gates! We are the 480th FS and part of CSG-1, a group that flys different airframes as real as it gets. If you are from europe and you are looking for a realistic group to fly your F-16 with, we might have what you are looking for. A minimum age of 21 and a good attitude as well as the willing to attend training flights on a regular bases is a requirement. Are you interested? Check out the CSG-1 discord and drop your application or questions in the proper 480th recruiting channel. You can also just simply click on the picture which will direct you to our Homepage. https://discord.gg/DDq3hb7 Note: The F/A-18C and PG are a requirement as well since we will use it land-based until the F-16 drops.
  12. Ich habe lange am Tornado gearbeitet und Trainingsflüge mit Nachsichtgeräten gab es damals schon. Nachtsichtgeräte werden aber auch von Zeit zu Zeit erneuert. Diese Cockpitbeleuchtung hingegen wurde kaum erneuert und gleicht noch dem Stand wie vor 20-30 Jahren weshalb neuere Geräte von dieser Beleuchtung ggf. negativ beeinflusst werden können. Probleme bzgl der Beleuchtung im Zusammenhang mit einem Nachtsichtgerät gab es allerdings schon im AFG Einsatz ;). Man sollte nicht immer alles Glauben was in den Medien publik wird, erst recht nicht in der heutigen Zeit.
  13. Date has been out since Friday and today you realize its a typo? LOL
  14. Some people... SMH. A Days has 24 hours you know?
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