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  1. Manuel also allows you to go to a higher rpm without MW-50 for a little extra pull, in climbs. Also manuel can help with turn circle performance.
  2. Not sure if it has been stated already, but adding to this map, would greatly please the ww2 community and a way to enhance the general DCS sandbox would be allowing mission makers to create airfields/farps. Not only would that benefit ww2 but would be huge for the helo fellas aswell. +1 to new airfields +1 to ability to create new airfields
  3. Chur bro, fellow kiwi here, just getting back into dcs after a long absence, your vids are all good. 

  4. I would love to have a L-39, awesome, Thanks for your generosity to the community... Cheers Elijah
  5. Be careful Fredrich, some believe that it was a typhoon, not trying to start an arguement, just lets not go there, cause i know these forums..... And anything you or any one else says will be twisted and turned into a 20 page argument..... Which will then be promptly locked. But as Far as tanks go, I would love the Tiger E as well Friedrich, What production series interests you the most?
  6. Hmm.... I like the sherman..... but I just dont have a hard on for it like the king tiger and panther. But that being said I where to develop it would probably be a Panther in conjunction with a sherman m4a2 76mm. The hellcat is a sexy beast though.
  7. Just Wondering What sorts of tanks Every one would be interested for drive able , or AI, tanks. Tiger E /1 King Tiger (H) And Advanced Second Generation German Heavy Tank. Panther D/A/G Shown there is an early A model, judging by the Cupola. Sherman, There are Heaps of models of Sherman tanks, from the M4/through to the M4A2E3, if i am not mistaken. Heres a pic of M4A1 76mm
  8. Well edge must be pretty close to steel fury in graphics on the ground, or ni on wiht steel beasts. which is not to much of an issue.
  9. @vicx amen to that a study sim tank, like the tiger or Sherman :)
  10. Would love a full simulatored Tiger 2, and or a tiger 1
  11. Moderators Please Prevent this from turning into another Debate about Stability of the Spitfire........... Thank You....... On a side not that i think the main point of thead is about i cant wait for the Spitfire:P
  12. The Slats are actually Pressure deployed...... But yes not airspeed.
  13. If the Dihedral is wrong in game, i hope it is only a graphical problem. Due to the Dihedral being directly related with lateral stability..... Only hope its not affecting the flight dynamics. And your right about modeler eyes..... Modeling is a great way to become familiar with the air-frame of XXXXXX aircraft.
  14. I am sorry was this a russian aircraft thread or a 410 thread........ :) Lol........ Hope we get a 410....................
  15. Bassiclly a ai 51 does not use its advantages which means you can knock out about 8 before gettting shot down. A human player keeps to his strong points and does not allow you if hes good to get his weak points.
  16. Love all these docs you post friedrich......... fantastic
  17. Oh ruin all us bf pilots dogfighting fun......... :P Na but i think it should be addressed in the future. But in the mean time i WANT SPITFRIE. :P
  18. Amen Bro............... :thumbup:
  19. If there was a A variant of the 190, like an A8 i would choose that over the d-9 and 109 because of it's superior roll rate IIRC, and very good low alt flying ability. Along with it's fantastic multi-role ability. That said currently i think the 190 is easier to fly for long period. But i am going to have to go the 109. cause of its pure ability to turn.
  20. Fantastic Comment, never really thought of that. Great commment.
  21. I dont want to be caught up in the whole debate But IMHO i think the F-35 has the possibility to be an amazing aircraft. If it did not they would hope fully have stoped developing. But i also think the teething issues have the possibility to destroy the aircraft in many minds. And personally i don't like the idea to have a completely computer reliant aircraft, but thats me. But sithspawn, We armchair engineers and pilots always know better. :P
  22. Yea there does seem to be a complaining nature of the forum. :music_whistling:
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