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  1. Having the TGP in either AREA TRACK (Litening) or SCENE (ATFLIR) mode should be enough : you shouldn't need to press the TDC to designate. However if you are in SCENE mode with the Litening then you definitely need to press the TDC in order to designate the reticule (if you prefer this name) as you target point. At least this is what I've experienced but I would like to be sure, hence why I opened this topic. This is the main difference between the two pods in my opinion : the SCENE mode with the Litening you have to depress the TDC to designate while it's not necessary with the ATFLIR in SCENE mode. Currently the SCENE mode and the AREA Track mode of the Litening both behaves similarly except for the inability to move the reticule in AREA TRACK. I'm not sure that's correct IRL : I assume the SCENE mode of the Litening is a ground stabilized INR mode however it seems a bit too insensible to drift (in DCS) if that's the case. Currently it's not working this way : I tried unchecking and checking the realistic TDC slew option but it didn't change its behaviour while using the TGP. It did change its behaviour when the TDC is allocated to the radar though. Maybe I'm wrong and I'm unwilling to test it now because it's a bit late but that's not always correct I think : if you undesignate once while in SCENE mode with the ATFLIR then the pod revert to INR and the cursor is no longer ground stabilised. The diamond is visible with the Litening pod if both the reticule and the target point are at the same spot in SCENE mode. With the ATFLIR it's visible in SCENE mode when the pod has not yet locked the picture and in Designation mode. Currently I have been unable to see the offset cursor : It might have been removed following the controversy about it's real world function VS the way it worked in DCS.
  2. I'm fairly confident that's not how it work actually in DCS (Open Beta up to date 22/01/2022).
  3. Actually this is a very good question. Because having the beam above the horizon is no guaranty there won't be any clutter IRL : their could be a mountain above the flying aircraft, returns from heavy cloud, ground returns from side lobes... And the radar has no mean to know if those conditions are met beforehand. If the ground clutter filter is removed while looking up, it means that in search modes it might be difficult to keep the false alarm rate under control and in track mode removing it might not be enough to keep the track. Keep in mind that the radar of the F-18 in A/A is only using range ambiguous waveform so even if there is a tremendous amount of distance separation in the physical world, in the ambiguous domain, clutter can still be in the same range cell as the useful signal. In DCS I'm under the impression that all radars deactivate the ground clutter filter when looking up since false alarm rate is not really represented anyway (except maybe in the M2000 after the recent upgrade) but is it really the case IRL ? (I don't really know though if that's public available knowledge, maybe it's part of ED generic radar behaviour because there is no better info available).
  4. Hi everyone, I have been looking in the manual and in several Youtube tutorials however I have not found a detailed explanation on how the target point logic works in relation to the TGP. Here is what I understood : (assuming you have designated a waypoint and assigned HOTAS control to the TGP) LITENING II : LOS on the designated waypoint, TGP in SCENE mode. Moving the LOS with the TDC does not change the target point until you have done a TDC depress (reticule changes to a diamond). If you move again the TDC (the reticule revert to a cross) you'll again need to do a TDC depress to move the target point to the LOS. If you initiate tracking in either AREA TRACK or POINT mode, it will automatically move the target point to the LOS. TDC depress will allow you to move the Offset cursor. ATFLIR : LOS on the designated waypoint, TGP in DESIGNATION mode. You can't change the LOS with the TDC until you have done a TDC depress. Once it's done you can slew the LOS and the target point will follow no matter if the TGP is in INR, SCENE or AUTO mode. Is that correct ? If not, could you share how you understood it ? Thank you for your help.
  5. I'm trying to figure out how the sight is supposed to work and I stumbled upon this thread. Even with the picture uploaded by finger I am not sure of what's going on : - I thought the Missile/Gyro switch only changed the axis of motion of the piper (Gyro = two axis, Missile = only vertical axis). However when I look at finger's picture I understand that vertical depression is never computed (not even to account for ballistic drop ?) in air to air when the switch is in the missile position, except in manual & gun mode. Is this the correct way to read the picture ? - When distance is written as D=400-600, does it mean the pilot can choose the distance manually with the twisting grip ? - The target span can be entered by using the red window in all mode except in the fixed 300 m mode, then it is red on the B&W scale, correct ? Thank you in advance for your answers.
  6. Hi everyone, I have built a "pocket" instrument panel using x27.168 steppers, an oled screen and two arduinos (UnoR3 & Pro mini 5V) linked through I2C. Since I only want some basic data, I chose to use the common data plugin. I tested it in the P-47 (no luck) and in the F-5 (it kinda work). It seems like most of the time the instruments are showing the correct value however they regularly displays completely incorrect values. I can't see anything weird when I check the values in DCS bios web interface so it could be my programming on the arduino's end. However I find it odd that as soon as I press the pause button all the instruments that were showing abnormal values go back to displaying correct data. Do you have any idea of what may cause with this kind of behaviour ? Thanks for the help. EDIT : It's working now ! The issue was a dynamic allocation in my code that was not freed and only occurred when the altitude was changing, hence why It worked when the game was paused.
  7. Hi, As said in the title, in the "Rhubarb radar raid - Wels site" mission, the AI wingman systematically crash into my plane or into an other AI while taxiing. Moreover your wingmen try to take off as soon as possible, not waiting for you and then announce they are RTB as soon as they are in flight. Currently I have been able to complete the mission once by modifying it so the player's group is immortal while on the ground and by preventing the AI from taxiing before me by racing them so I can take off first. I'm playing the OB v I can't post a track file since, while only a few minutes long (due to the unskippable briefing), it already weights more than the 5 MB limit. Instead I have attached three tacview tracks Here are several screenshot of the issue in action: Tacview-20210626-140710-DCS-P47D-RRR-CHANNEL.zip.acmi Tacview-20210626-140131-DCS-P47D-RRR-CHANNEL.zip.acmi Tacview-20210626-100024-DCS-P47D-RRR-CHANNEL.zip.acmi
  8. Hi, I tried to do the Yarwork mission for the P-47 on the Channel map twice and each time I had a CTD while approaching the coast south of Boulogne. I have been looking at the log and the error seems to be : 2021-04-18 07:40:16.949 ERROR GRAPHICSVISTA: Can't open model wheat_green. 2021-04-18 07:40:16.949 ERROR EDTERRAINGRAPHICS41: model "wheat_green" not found Here is the zip file containing the dxdiag data and the crash log : dcs.log-20210418-074048.zip Thank you in advance for your answer
  9. Hi, I am having issues with the ME that seems to be specific to my installation. However I'm unable to find their origin and I would like some help. When I open a mission and select certain flights, I can't see all the flight's controls, there is a grey box instead : If I had an other flight previously selected it shows the controls but the load out page and the preview is the one of the previously selected unit: I tried running a DCS cleanup and repair but it didn't solve the issue. The issue appears both in Opend Beta and in the stable release. I do not use mods but I do use third party softwares : Tacview and SRS. Here is the dcs.log file. It seems to run into an issue with the GUI but I don't know what to do with that info. dcs.log Thank you in advance for your help.
  10. Hi everyone, I have noticed while trying to set up a supersonic interception of a group of Tu-22M3 in the ME that the group does not respect the speed it was assigned in the ME. The instantaneous speed is not the one set in the ME (and in the trk attached even the average speed is incorrect). Sometime one airplane is going faster and sometime it slows down (in the trk attached the 3rd plane is the one whose speed is constantly changing). I've seen this with the GS being locked but also if I try to lock the ETA (with GS unlock). Is this the intended behaviour ? I thank you in advance for your answers. Trk : Tu-22M3_fix_GS_bug.trk Miz : CA-Formation_test.miz ACMI : Tacview-20210108-215356-DCS-CA-Formation_test.zip.acmi I just had the idea of testing this exact same mission with exactly the same parameters but with only one airplane in the group and everything work has intended. Trk : single_Tu-22M3_speed_test.trk Miz : CA-Tu-22M3_speed_test.miz ACMI : Tacview-20210108-220515-DCS-CA-Tu-22M3_speed_test.zip.acmi
  11. Hi, I encountered some weird behaviour while flying the Hornet : I'm in RWS with LTWS boxed. I put the TDC over a "brick" and designate it. Then, with the TDC still over the trackfile, I command an AACQ: As you can see the TDC is over the target but the B-sweep line "jumps" to a far away target during the acquisition process. Then I find myself with the wrong target locked : The track corresponding to those screenshot is attached. I have been able to reproduce the bug several times. The mission I used is "Ode to Mongo". The track was made with DCS World Open Beta v2.5.6.52437. Thank you in advance for your answer. AACQ_bug_F18.trk
  12. This is exactly why I asked the question: just to learn more about the plane, indeed you don't need it to fly but it's always good to know how things are done. I thank everyone for their replies even if the question has not been answered.
  13. Hi, While flying the Harrier I was intrigued by the fact that, though I kept my aircraft aligned with the "commanded heading marker" on the HUD (which is called the bug I think), I was still drifting away from the waypoint. Here I made a mission with 60 kts wind and you can see the "bug" is directing me to the geographic heading of the waypoint and I have to compensate the drift so my ground-track stays in line with the waypoint heading to actually fly toward it. I am pretty sure the "bug" should be drift corrected so I think this is an issue, am I correct ? Thank you in advance for your answer.
  14. Hi, I'm currently learning how to fly the F-5E and I would like to know (out of curiosity) what is the link between the AOA units displayed by the AOA indicator and the real AOA in degrees. Thank you very much for you help.
  15. Just did it. I have missed the "bonus target" since I did not try to refuel but otherwise destroyed the enemy HQ and got home safely. The SEAD component of the flight was useless but the blame is on the AI which jettisoned its AGM-122 when engaged and was subsequently killed. I went for a very low (200 ft) and fast (450 kts GS) level pass. After viewing the briefing it seems I did not load the snakeyes I wanted for this mission and therefore I was lucky DCS do not take into account fuze arming delays otherwise it would have all been for nothing. The Igla shot and missed but the Tunguska shot down my (remaining) wingman (AI is terrible, it didn't use chaffs or even tried an evasive manoeuvrer). I wonder if the EW escort was useful. I agree with those that said the default loadout behave weirdly. I had a very hard time taking off with it because of the yaw it induced.
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