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  1. This is a general question as I've seen this during take off in different planes, but I haven't been able to find information anywhere on what this means. What are those numbers that the tower calls out to you when it clears you for take off? Something like, climb 300, pressure something something? The climb 300 part is easy to understand (climb to 300 meters), but then the rest of it I don't really understand.
  2. Slides because I don't know what position will be comfortable, further or closer to my body. What wood? Any that can be bought at Home Depot or similar ;) These are just regular drawer slides, so they do stop when pulled out to the maximum, but I don't think they lock in any way. For that, I intended to semi-permanently lock it into place once I found a comfortable position with something that I can easily remove when I want to adjust the length again. The joystick is the Saitek X52 Pro. The base of it is 180mm in width. The rubber sticky feet stick out an additional 50mm on the sides, so I figured the panel on which it will sit must not be any less than 200mm. What is your experience with rails? Do you find them wobbly and unsteady? They move back and forth all the time? Have you found no way to lock the rails in place? I've actually searched for a way to make a pedestal before I ended up with this stand. In fact this was supposed to be a pedestal when I started on it, but because of how wide the mounting panel for the joystick stand will have to be, and how long (I want it to be closer to my body), it seems to me the pedestal will just topple over. From what I've seen other people do, it's either some how attached to the chair (sometimes even a piece of the chair is cut out between the legs to make room for it), or it's some kind of mounting on the floor with the extended TM Warthog stick. I don't have a Warthog stick nor do I want to mutilate my office chair that I sit on, so I figured the best way is to have something standing in front of me, with a panel that extends from it and goes above my knees for the joystick to sit on. I'll take a look at the 3/4" MDF, although that seems a lot thinner than I expected haha. Thanks for the suggestion!
  3. Hi, I want to build a simple stand for my joystick. It'll slide under my computer table, and the joystick will slide out on drawer slides. You can see a sketch I did on the images attached. The dimensions shown is what I measured that I will need, but now I just need to know how thick should the wood be? I want to make sure the construction ends up solid and steady. If it's not too much to ask, would someone experienced with wood work mind taking a look and see if this is 1) feasible at all, and 2) how thick should the wood be? (Just to be clear, that's not the computer table with the slide under it. It's the whole stand that will go under the computer table).
  4. I second it. There is no lack of English-speaking people who would find your videos very useful and will be very thankful for them. So if you have the time, at least English subtitles would be great :)
  5. What I did, after first time flying head first into them, was next time going slower. Like you say, I didn't want to sort of "cheat" and fly way above as if I knew they were there, so instead I just went from one cover to the other. Using the mountain corners for cover. I would stay at each one for a fair amount of time, watching the road. At one of them, I spotted the convoy, still pretty far off, and popped the first AAA threat I could distinguish, then hid behind the mountain, flew further way, and then approached from farther distance, but again with the mountain as cover. Worked out pretty well, but I had to do it a couple of times because my bad piloting skills I crashed into the mountain once, and another time strayed out in the open for too long and got shot haha :)
  6. Actually the question is "Will there be collision with trees?" And the answer is "Not in 1.3.0"
  7. What is NG, anyway? New Game Consoles?
  8. Do all these changes come with a new manual? :)
  9. Sorry if this question is dumb obvious to some, but this is my first modern military flight sim, and I can't find information anywhere when to use chaff and when to use flares? There is no explicable difference described in the manual. When should I use which?
  10. What? Isn't Ricardo's blue put in English? http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2022453&postcount=158
  11. I know this is pretty far-stretched, but just curious - if it were possible to create mechs like in Mechwarrior or other fantasy universes, what kind of realistic combat role could it play on a real battlefield? Let's ditch the fantasy notion of them being indestructible superweapons that only other mechs can take down, and consider more of a "realistic" sci-fi angle - what could they be used for? I imagine that if they had a functional propulsion system that allowed for a limited amount of vertical movement, they could be useful in hilly terrain, or even heavily forested areas where normal ground vehicles cannot pass? What do you think?
  12. Just curious, are there other people out there that like to put on a bit of music when flying? Perhaps not when out with your squadron, but certainly when just having a bit of a joy flight? What do you listen to?
  13. No, you misunderstood me, sorry. I bought the keys on steam, and I want to activate them in my DCS World game (that is standalone from steam).
  14. What was "Central Position Trimmer Mode" does in the options, again? I forget...
  15. Realized I still have the Huey and the P-51 keys on Steam from the last summer sale (yeah, I still haven't played them, been flying other things :pilotfly:) How exactly do I go about registering those keys to my DCS World account? It says in this FAQ to use these keys to authenticate the module, but how? In the module manager, there is only a link to buy the module. There are no buttons anywhere to authenticate keys or register keys that I can see...
  16. Do any of the FC3 modules come with a campaign like the Black Shark and the 'Hog? I'm not very good with the mission editor to create missions for myself :(
  17. I don't really know much about tank combat tactics (modern or otherwise), but I've been reading up and read some accounts how, during WW2, some tank commanders would take their tanks up to the crest of a hill while turret down, then they would pop open the hatch, stand up on the seat, and take a look over the hill with binoculars. This would give them just enough height to peer over the hill, but make themselves practically impossible to spot. I'm wondering why wasn't some kind of periscope used for this? Even in modern tanks, the commander's hatch is pretty low to the turret (for obvious reasons), and I doubt it allows for covert peering over hills. But I haven't really ever seen any kind of periscope or something used to look over, and I don't think any commander would climb out of the hatch to take a look in modern combat?
  18. I'd like to twist the stick of my X52 Pro 10-15 degrees so that it's more comfortable to grip when it's positioned near the center of the body. I've looked on youtube and google, but haven't found anyone doing this. Is this possible?
  19. Simply amazing! Did you build that cyclic yourself, too, or custom ordered somewhere?
  20. You guys were right :( I popped the thing open yesterday and a piece of broken plastic fell out. I'm not sure from where, and I couldn't really see anything obviously damaged in there, but I'm not really good at electronics. Now after put the thing back together the throttle is loose and wobbles. Guess I'm going to start saving for a replacement. Maybe the TM Warthog this time hehe :D In the meantime I'll figure out something to use for the collective... :joystick:
  21. I'm having a hard time enforcing precise control over the aircraft's collective. I'm using the X52 Pro HOTAS. Even with the resistence knob turned all the way down, I find that it still takes a significant amount of force to move the throttle back and forth (collective up/down). This means I can't really input precise small corrections of the collective. Instead it's usually small, inaccurate "bumps" as I push on the throttle until it suddenly finally lurches a little bit. I'm wondering, other than more elaborate collective controllers (I've seen those being sold online, but I can't afford the thousands of dollars that those cost), does anybody use any other form of control over the collective? I was thinking maybe trying to map the collective axis to one of the rotary uh... button things on the X52 Pro Throttle, or even to the scrolling wheel?
  22. why it bounce like that so unrealistic? AI don't use same AFM as player?
  23. I asked the same question a few months ago. The answer was that it's impossible to bind that particular command to anything on your mouse.
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