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  1. Can't +1 on mobile (I'll do it when I get home if I remember) but yes we need this!
  2. Been seeing all these awesome screenshots of the new Vehicles coming to DCS with Normandy but haven't seen any Infantry. I can't imagine we would get DCS WWII without them. I ask primarily because I wanna retexture the American units into Vietnam era units for us Huey Pilots out there! Wouldn't be perfect, but it'd be much more believable than retexturing the units we have now. I'll just pretend those Garands are M14s...
  3. Just got this new shirt and its now my favorite :D Ordered from a place called Ranger Up, who makes military oriented shirts. They also have a Youtube channel where they do some funny skits, which is how I found out about them. The shirt is made of a thin, light material, similar to an underarmor shirt, but not as stretchy. Very comfortable. They never did give me tracking info though, Nor was I notified that it had shipped. It was delivered in about a week though, so in the end it didn't matter. And since I know all you guys will also want one: http://www.rangerup.com/pigsfly.html Note: I'm not affiliated with RangerUp at all, just a happy customer :thumbup:
  4. Are the GBUs set to the right laser frequency? I believe by default they are set to 1688? JTAC may be using a different one
  5. Can you get tiny maple syrup from the tiny maple? Would go great with my tiny pancakes. Bonsai trees are super cool. when my brother worked at a car dealer a customer gave him one, apparently he owned a business selling them or something. Unfortunately my brother decided to leave it in his truck for a week :doh:
  6. Use every square inch of your desk! Looks much cleaner without the hotas on it (Or looks much worse, depending on your outlook)
  7. Would you mind posting your silution? I haven't been able to figure it out yet Thanks!
  8. Any Ideas where to look? I absolutely need to do this. EDIT: Found it. Sound/speech/common/groundcrew/messages/"hey what are you doing?"
  9. Scientifically proven to shorten INS alignment times by 40%
  10. From the man himself! Thank you sir. Sounds like I gotta watch those videos and do a quick brushup on instrument flying and I'll be good to go!
  11. I like to think I'm pretty good at A-10C, but I'm no expert and there are a lot of systems that are completely Alien to me, mainly TAD and CDU. So what would I need to know in order to be succesful in this campaign? If someone (or maybe even multiple people! :smartass: ) Could just list off some of the skills they've used during playing that would be AWESOME! Thanks, and happy flying! P.S. I just finished Ranger's first ISIS Crisis mission, and its certainly making me want to play OPF!
  12. Anyone got this working in 1.5.4? Using JSGME and made sure there are no double folders. everying appears to be where it should be. Perhaps 1.5.4 has changed around some folders in the game? I had to do some work to get Starway's Desert mod to work. Trying Ranger's ISIS Crysis missions to practice for OPF! :thumbup: EDIT: I had downloaded the 1.4 version from the ISIS Crysis thread, downloaded current version from here and problem solved. Ranger, you may want to edit that in your ISIS Crysis thread.
  13. I use Trackir + zoom on my hotas so my FOV Is constantly changing, isn't this dynamic FOV changing one of the major reasons why trackir is so great? Maybe I am misunderstanding your post.
  14. Been troo long since I took the P-51 for a spin. God ain't she a beauty!!!
  15. Description The reticule on the Gazelle L variant goes off the glass on the sight DCS Version 2.03 SP/MP SP Reproducable yes Step to reproduce turn on gunsight, lean over and look closely Additional information Affects both gun and rocket reticule Do I get bonus points for reading the post about how to make a bug report? :smartass:
  16. Ooooh I know the feeling too well. Started DCS'ing and was always switching between aircraft never knowing which module would be "mine". Then I got a hotas warthog for Christmas and was pretty Steady with the A-10C for a good few months, occasionally jumping into the F-15. Then I started reading all about the Vietnam War the past couple months and I found myself learning the Huey, then Gazelle, Now alternating between those 3. Who knows what I'll be flying next week!
  17. So.... A CCRP mode? I'm surprised the Russians are only now using this technology? Does look like it would be cool to have in DCS, though I doubt we'll see it in DCS due to how new it is.
  18. I think I have that benq monitor (confusing with all the letters and numbers, at work so can't check) and It works quite well. Had it for a few months and zero issues. Viewing angles are excellent as well, and I often find myself reclined in my chair off to the side of my monitor watching movies or shows. The fastest thing I play is racing games and I've never experienced any bluring or anything of the sort.
  19. EDIT: Andre helped me out and got me up and running again, it was a firmware issue, updating using tip #3 on this page completely solved the issue. I'm gonna leave this here for archival purposes Just got mine today, worked fine for a little, but after returning a few hours later I'm having some trouble. The power indicator led on the controller flickers off every once in awhile, and windows 10 can't recognise the device, claiming there was an error. I think it's one of a few things; The Europe to USA adapter I bought is junk (easy fix, hopefully this is it) The USB cable is somehow broken or the big connector that came with the taped on label "Don't mess with this connector" (<-- Paraphrase) Somehow had an issue ( I haven't touched it either) Any Ideas? EDIT: Just occured to me to test using the audio jack, no error message from windows, but Gametrix software still thinks seat is disconnected. Help! EDIT again: The power LED is lit up solid, and from following cables around I've deduced that the problem must be somewhere in the connector, probably somewhere before the USB/Aux splitter, as neither work. a short in the wire? a problem in the splitter?
  20. I don't fly helis enough to justify buying a whole collective unit, but what if there was some kind of system that attached to the Warthog throttle base and allowing it to be placed on the ground and act as a collective? I remember seeing a post on here awhile ago showing the throttle grips popped out to be replaced with F-18 grips. I'd imagine the same could be done with a long pipe and your new collective enclosure could be attached along with any future ones for Gazelle, Hip, Black Shark. Does this sound possible? Also, i've been looking for some Hotas dust covers more fashionable than a sock or plastic bag. I dunno if textiles are your area of expertise, but I'd love to see what you can come up with Hegykc.
  21. Wow, Outstanding video!!! Was that Roald Dahl's voice? It sounded like him, and he was a fighter pilot for the RAF.
  22. Ground pounding :smartass: But If I had to pick dogfighting, anything pre-BVR.
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