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  1. Okay guys, here are the latest updates, I dont think it will change again and anyway tomorrow registration will close and brackets will be final: Plaiskool and Martini have been moved to team TurboRush Yaga, Coxy, Microvax and YorZor will represent team RvE Eagle, Stink, Karaya and Ecoke will represent team Eagle Martini is still unaccounted for so one slot in team TurboRush may become free on Saturday. Sign up as a reserve if keen to join. Reminders To all contestants: Please, get familiar with the rules and if any questions let us know, all matches will be monitored live by a referee and reviewed afterwards for scoring purposes please ensure you check in on Ravens' TeamSpeak at least 30mn before your match to set it up and be ready to roll. People playing in the second batch will be waiting for the first batch to finish so it would be nice to keep up with the schedule to avoid unnecessary delays. guys double check your hardware and connection prior to turning up to avoid unfortunate disconnections - remember that dropping out in the middle of the fight won't allow you to re-connect until the next round. We thank you all for your interest and we hope that you will have a blast flying in this championship :) Brackets, Schedule and Results http://sa-sim.com/rfc1-brackets-order-of-battle-and-streams/ Live Streaming https://www.twitch.tv/chillywillies
  2. Thanks for your flexibility guys. Let me also check with TurboRUSH as he formed his team a while back and if fine with him, I will put RvE together. This is not a squadron based event so having lonewolves teaming up with squadron players is perfectly fine but if we can avoid having players from same vfs scattered across multiple teams, then even better. Will keep you posted. Guys. Thanks
  3. Updates 36th Stormo were seeded #4 so brackets have changed after their withdrawal to reflect new seeding so please check new opponent. Registration will close on Friday and Brackets will then be final. Yorz and Microvax have been added to Team Martini - guys check with Yaga and Plaiskool and see if they would like to swap slots so that all RvE are on one team - Martini is still MIA and hasn't checked in since initial application so he may not show up, in which case you could invite another RvE to complete a 4 man team. 4 slots have now opened up and are up for grabs for a group of 4 or individual sign ups. Brackets and schedule can be found here: http://sa-sim.com/rfc1-brackets-order-of-battle-and-streams/
  4. Updates Plaiskool added to Team Martini SF squadron is confirmed in. Astus from Team Martini withdrew Martini and 36 Stormo pending confirmation. 2 slots are currently free on Team Martini
  5. Updates: Casper from team Martini pulled out Sign up is still open for those interested Free Slots Free single slots: 2 (for single applications) Uncertain (pending confirmation): SF squadron 36 Stormo Martini Astus Live Streaming on Twitch Hook will not be able to stream this event but ChillyWillies has kindly accepted to stream the Ravens Fighter Championship on his Twitch Channel, you can follow him on Twitch and turn on auto notifications so you get an email as soon as the stream starts, link to his channel is: https://twitch.tv/chillywillies
  6. Try to adjust a few parameters to increase PK: Launch speed: The faster the better Look.up: although amraam has good look down capability, shooting at someone with sky in background helps with guidance. Radar mode: use TWS to avoid alerting your target too soon. Adjust PRF: adjust it to target aspect until pitbull. For long range shots, try to fly fast above contrail, engage low targets with TWS from a reasonable range. They usually get an alert too late and the missile will still have enough juice to manoeuver. Having said that, missiles are not bulletproof and you may still miss even if all parameters were good. Happy hunting :)
  7. Hi Coxy, you are in Team TurboRush as per TurboRush's request, if you click that team, you will see the lineup and your name on it.
  8. 36th Stormo, 59th Ravens and Escuela Paketa, please post callsigns and nationalities of your team members (you can submit up to 10 pilots who you can rotate between rounds - minium is 4 pilots per team). Participant list and lineup for each team can be found here: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/58d50065150ba009398b4577/participants/ Thanks. EDIT: Lock-on Greece have pulled out and =ITGC= have taken over. Brackets can be seen here: http://sa-sim.com/rfc1-brackets-order-of-battle-and-streams/ There is a still a little time to sign up as a reserve if you're keen and available. Thanks.
  9. SA Points from March Round on Burning Skies: http://sa-sim.com/burning-skies-public-server-march-2017-results/ Congratulations to ACG_Coopes, SF_Kaspu and Tecnam for best A2A performance, to Saburo for best A2G performance and to everyone who scored ranking points! The show is still on with April Round now underway. Have fun everyone!
  10. If you want to fully play the realism card then you should quit the game everytime you hit 12G, slap your face and ask yourself why you flew her like a jerk. This would be the meager equivalent of the real jet getting damaged beyond repair and the pilot facing a probe for foolish and reckless flying :)
  11. If 12G broke her, what 14 would do? No wit needed to answer, heh? Most of the fanboyism I see here is from you. You say it has to be realistic then at the same time you say who cares if you break her...it stinks double standard. Flanker's S key thing is history, Eagle's 14G thing is still there. Thanks anyway for the compliment sarcasm champ :)
  12. You call 14G realistic Sweep? or maybe you believe it could fly with one wing? :D
  13. 10g is one thing, 14 is another. I mean this is a clear issue that needs attention, especially because of the Flanker/Eagle long standing rivalry.
  14. The Eagle is subject to laws of physics as well and you shouldn't be able to keep pulling on the stick all day long without suffering the consequences. From a competition perspective, it is a huge game changer and it's not fair to have someone flying cautiously to stay within tbe boundaries of the airframe while opponent enjoys total impunity. This is in my opinion a critical issue in competitive environments thus needs immediate attention. Saying that the Eagle underperdorms anyway when pushed beyond realistic limits is irrelevant in my opinion as outcome from overstressing the airframe should be much worse.
  15. Too bad, maybe next time and thanks for trying. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team Lock-ON Greece is in now! 71st squadron who just pulled out was seeded #4, which means all teams that were seeded lower have been re-seeded so the brackets have been re-generated, which means you may have gotten a different opponent. Brackets are here: http://sa-sim.com/rfc1-brackets-order-of-battle-and-streams/ Brackets will be final once registration is closed! Reserve list is empty now, so sign up if interested to be the first to take over in case of another cancellation.
  16. Please provide squadron website and logo. Thanks. Done. Thanks. You are team #9 therefore on top of the wait list. If any team pulls out, you'll take over. Thanks. You have taken the last single slot that was available and have joined Team Martini. Thanks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team composition, brackets and schedule available in the tournament widget, which can be found here: http://sa-sim.com/rfc1-brackets-order-of-battle-and-streams/ To all squadrons partaking in RFC, please provide final list of pilots (up to 10) on the 5th of April at the latest. Thanks. If anyone is interested and free on that weekend, apply for a reserve slot, nothing to lose and you might grab a slot. Wait list will be managed first applied first served. Thanks.
  17. Thanks to all who signed up so far. Here is a preliminary bracket, please note that teams have been seeded based on current SA Rankings, therefore the brackets may change if the roster changes. Brackets will be finalized once all teams have firmed up their roster. Link---->http://sa-sim.com/rfc1-brackets-order-of-battle-and-streams/ Also, we are one slot away from a full roster and even once the roster is full, you’d still stand a good chance at snatching a seat if someone pulls out so do not hesitate to sign up for a reserve slot if interested.
  18. Congratulations to 'rel4y' and thanks to all who took part in this betting contest!
  19. Hey guys, here is the After Action Report for Burning Skies February Round - Congratulations to all the winners! http://sa-sim.com/burning-skies-247-server-february-2017-results/
  20. Hey guys, sorry for the delay in publishing this - I've had very little spare time lately. Many thanks to DefaultFace and DarkRaiderss for their help in piecing the ACMI puzzle back together. Hats off to both teams for a great fight and congratulations to Luftwaffe's brave pilots for their incredible comeback after they had been down for 3 quarters of the match! I personally think this was the closest white knucker of the entire series so far! Congratulations also to 'rel4y', our betting contest winner who will walk away with any WWII module of his choice! Thanks again to our sponsor Eagle Dynamics, our host Burning Skies and our special guest Grmlz. Here is the link where you can check the After Action Report and watch on demand the great video of the match commented and put together by Hook. http://sa-sim.com/grudge-match-4-after-action-report/ See you in GM5!
  21. Dear contestants, you should of received an email with a link to the preliminary AAR for GM4. Claiming period is now running for 3 days and everything is explained on how to make claims on SA forum if needed. If you haven't received an email, let me know and will get it to you. Once claiming period is over, a fully fledged and final AAR will be released to the public. Thanks.
  22. What a night! what a fight! I'd like to thank everyone - our brave contestants for an incredible display of airmanship and sportsmanship, our sponsor Eagle Dynamics for the generous prizepool, GM's mastermind Hook for another top notch organization and live commentary, our host Eekz for his great support, our special guest Grmzl for his valuable insight, the Black Knights Squadron for their contribution and last but not least every single person who watched the live show yesterday and cheered for their favorite team. After Action Report is in the making and will include a bunch of stuff as usual - official final score, battle logs, pilot stats, battle facts and later on, we will reward best contestants with SA points! O>
  23. Place your bets for Luftwaffe vs RAF/USAF WWII Grudge Match and win any WWII module of your choice! Up to two bets per user! Live Stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/hooks_stream Examples: - Luftwaffe will win 20-16 - RAF/USAF will win 5-2 Good luck!
  24. You can learn more about the composition of each team and the gentlemen who went through the prelims on Burning Skies Server to earn a slot in the 6v6 roster, watch the awesome pre-show video put together by Hook and participate in the polls to let us know about who you think will stand out and prevail in this 4th round of the Grudge Match Series. Here is the Link: http://sa-sim.com/road-to-luftwaffe-vs-rafusaf-wwii-grudge-match/
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