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  1. Curious. Ive never run into that. CAn you post a trk of the issue so I can try to replicate?
  2. I would implore you to join our discord and send me a PM. That way I can set up a time and date so we can go over this issue. Not 30 minutes ago I was able to set frequency and entered a laser code to contact and spot a JTAC lase, was able to get a point track on the vehicle from 12nm, then at 6nm got an IRMAV lock first try. Just to confirm you are doing all of this in Stable or open beta?
  3. Not sure where the confusion is then with my labelling and sorting system. I removed a couple of comments here that were off topic and not adding to the conversation. A bug has to deal with something that is in or has been implemented. If it is not, then there is no way for it to be a bug. If I leave that FUTURE IMPLEMENTATION in the BUGS section then it constitutes that it is in or its not functioning correctly. By it being in the RESOLVED section, it has been acknowledged and the argument is nullified. Keeping it in the bugs section is just clutter and gets in the way of me seeing what is reported, and what needs attention.
  4. No it is not. Lukes statement is correct and is how we were told by the SME. Does that answer everything for you? Not everything that is stated in the manual is correct with whats on the actual jet.
  5. All wrong. Ellipse shows a circe relative to the ground that can be set and show reference for distance as well as radius. Issue with the N arrow has been fixed internally for the next patch. Will update after next patch date.
  6. Wheel chocks not being removed by ground crew while engine is running is a known bug, the fix was addressing the aircraft lurching forward when the chocks were removed. Marking AS INTENDED and moving to RESOLVED.
  7. RAZBAM DEVELOPMENT GROUP What is The RAZBAM Development Group? RAZBAM Development Group, or RaDG, is being developed for the ever-expanding range of products RAZBAM develops both internally for DCS and its worldwide partners. Its job will be to rigorously test and check all RAZBAM’s modules and assets in various environments to ensure that we produce the most comprehensive and detailed study level modules for our public and private clients. So, you want to be a RaDG Test Pilot? RAZBAM is looking to bring a group of dedicated, like minded pilots to the team to be a part of development now and in the future. We are looking for not only those that can learn and master the modules we develop but can also perform tests in a precise, consistent manner, multiple times in a single session. We will begin accepting applications for the RaDG Test Pilot programme but before you hit send, there are some requirements you will need to have in order to even be considered. - Have a PC system that can handle the high demands that DCS places on our computers as well as enough storage space to have upwards of 2-4 different DCS builds. Being able to privately stream their work to the Dev Team in high quality or record video would be an example. - Be in good standing in the ED forums and with ED. Background checks will be performed through the ED forums as well as on our Discord. - Have a DCS World standalone install (not a steam version) and have one or all of RAZBAM’s currently released modules. - Possess at minimum a HOTAS or similar system, as well as have TRACK-IR or VR compatibility - Be able to learn and memorize multiple systems and documents from various modules. For instance: accurately dropping unguided bombs in a MiG-19P, to inputting coordinates in the Mirage M-2000C’s PCN, or hoping right over and setting up an AUTO precision attack with JDAMS on a specified attack heading and IFR in the Harrier II NA. All seamlessly and done so precisely. - Work well as an individual and take initiative AND work well in a team environment either as a subordinate or a team lead. Additionally, being professional with public and private clients. - Be able to do research and content collection on various subjects pertinent to a specified module. - Have a basic understanding of aeronautics, aerodynamics and physics to apply into the simulator. - Creativity and excellent problem-solving skills. - Can test at minimum 2-3 hours a week or be flexible to test last minute fixes closer to scheduled updates. - Former Pilots and or Maintenance personnel is a plus and would be given higher consideration. - Basic or fluent English is preferred, higher consideration would be given to those who read, write and speak a secondary language as well. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our Development Group, send an email to z.coulombe@razbamsims.com Please include the following in your email 1. For the title header use: RAZBAM Development Group Application 2. Full name 3. Skype name 4. Any and all usernames on all DCS related platforms (i.e. ED forums, Reddit, Discord and associated names there in) 5. DCS world username (the one you use on the storefront to purchase modules) 6. A brief essay on yourself, your DCS experience, and why you think you would be a good candidate for the RaDG Programme. 7. At maximum, a 20-minute private YouTube video or other video link demonstrating your skills and abilities in DCS World. 8. A table or your expected availability over the course of a week or a month as well as detailing your time zone, country of origin and languages spoken. Tryouts and trials will take place over the month of February and March. We are a busy team now so if we set up a time and date for your interview, we would expect you to make that timing or at the very least notify us that you will not be able to make your timing at least 48 hours in advance and provide us with an alternate.
  8. There stwo other ones like this I was getting them confused. Has been previously reported
  9. Going to have to look at this with our sound team. We dont control weapon sounds but I'm unsure if thats locked to ED or not.
  10. This was a way to get incremental zoom levels as having them as HOLD functions created some issues. As Whiskey mentioned. Binding the corresponding OSBs on the right MPCD work better for some using the zoom on the HOTAS. We might be removing the separate TPOD zoom function in the future. Marking AS INTENDED and moving to RESOLVED.
  11. AS INTENDED. Realistic ground IDLE THRUST . Marking AS INTENDED and moving to RESOLVED
  12. Not known if this is able to be implemented as the NVGs are a filter added to the screen and not n fact a separate sensor. Going to keep this here as FUTURE IMPLEMENTATION but most likely will not.
  13. Is known, is being tracked. Currently testing as well as implementing ellipse and having the two play together.
  14. Where is this evidence you're basing this on?
  15. Passing this onto the devs to have a looksie, also going to pass this to ED because if laser power is related to laser code then this might be useful in addressing any laser right now in game which is AFAIK limited to 8NM to simulate laser weakness over greater ranges. Excellent work people, I look forward to discussing this further. However that was a feature of a pre- 2002 jet so laser code no longer zeros out with WoW. Will adjust if necessary.
  16. Updated original OB list. See table below with final table for SSS Functions.
  17. Yes. FFAR LAU-68 options and TER LAU-68 options were removed as well as LAU-3 options. This is intended but I will make note that the instant action missions and TRG missions will be adjusted to reflect this. Marking AS INTENDED and moving to RESOLVED
  18. OK so yes the CRS switch was corrected from an encoder type to a MOM(ON) - OFF - MOM(ON). Holding will bring up the UFC CRS option. But you guys are saying that the keybind sticks the CRS switch into ON and does not recenter on release?
  19. Very interast, we are definitely looking at improving the harriers sounds, first ive seen of this video
  20. Check with latest OB patch to confirm you are still having issues. As well post screen shot of your graphics setting for me to compare with please.
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