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  1. Puts on tin foil hat Adams Group Simulation and Training TG's 3D model of the cockpit^ Adams Group's 3D model of the cockpit^ Aaaaand this is at the bottom of the page: So there's a chance that TG/AG got a pro contract and that may or may not be the cause for the radio silence but only TG knows the real reason.
  2. Hornet has been able to operate the jammer and radar at the same time at least since 1992 and shooting Sparrows while the jammer is active became a capability when the Hornet got the old ALQ-126B (With the basic ALQ-126 the jammer shut down when the missile is launched clearly indicating that simultaneous radar/jammer operation is possible). All this is prior to Hornet getting the RADAR/Jammer Priority Filter that further enhances this capability. The filter was added prior to 2005 with OFP 15C. As for the systems interfering with each other the Hornet has a system called the Interference Blanker that is specifically designed to coordinate pretty much all relevant systems (Radar, Jammer, MIDS, TACAN, HARM, RWR, Radar Altimeter and the Walleye datalink pod) so that they don't interfere with each others operation.
  3. AGM-114L can also target slow moving air targets
  4. joelsi


    From what I've heard CMWS was originally kinda just slapped on and stuff about it was added to the proper documents quite a bit later
  5. joelsi


    btw it was never a 2002 Apache. The original "based on a publicly available 2002 manual" statement morphed into "2002 Apache" which in this case doesn't mean the same thing. The manual mentioned was originally published in 2002 but it has received changes after that. For example everything related to block 2 software was added in 2003 (this was the point when I realized that it wasn't going to be a 2002 Apache). The latest change (change number 5) in that manual was made in the summer of 2005. So what we are getting in DCS is software from summer 2005. In addition to this Chizh wrote this on the Russian forums: I'm pretty sure that the year 2007 in that mainly refers to CMWS which became a thing roughly in 2007. Other than CMWS I don't think we'll be getting any other new features from that year.
  6. The manual that ED is using directly states that the Air To Air weapon switch is not active and it's a growth position so it's very clear that our Apache cannot use Stingers. In addition to this we'll be getting CMWS and its backwards facing sensors block the places where the Stingers would be mounted.
  7. The capability is still very much a thing on the version we are getting. If anyone wants details about the Apache we are getting the correct IRL manual is just one simple Google search away. ("AH-64D Manual" to Google works fine)
  8. Block III AH-64D is what the AH-64E was called before. They are pretty much the same thing
  9. The range limitations I posted are valid for a software version that's as new as 2010 and I haven't heard of any FCR upgrades for a AH-64D of our timeframe that would drastically improve its performance
  10. The FCR has on paper range limits of 8 km against moving ground targets and 6 km against stationary ground targets. All the SME comments I've heard regarding the FCR suggest that its performance doesn't live up to the hype it gets. In addition to the SME comments there's also the document called "Longbow Stationary Target Indicator Technical History" (you can find it with a Google search) that talks a bit about the FCR's performance against stationary targets. From that document here's a brief synopsis of aviator experiences from OIF regarding the FCR:
  11. Just checked the manual again and now I feel a bit dumb. It was first released in March 2002 and latest change(=what the manual actually contains) is from July 2005. I guess the new year to look for may be 2005?
  12. The 2002 manual ED is basing the Apache on has stuff on both MTADS and TEDAC so what we get may not have the avionics configuration an IRL US Army AH-64D would've had in 2002.
  13. Considering that the Army manual doesn't mention the CMWS equipment I'd say that the DCS Apache won't get it
  14. I wonder if the JSTARS is capable of sending target data directly to the Apache or if it would require something in between as the "-10" has no mention of it
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