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  1. I noticed that half the buttons on the right MFD no longer register input from my Cougar MFD. It only happens in the Harrier. I tried it in the F-18 and F-16 and there is no problem. The keybinds in de Control Configuration of the Harrier are correct and pressing an MFD button will result in highlighting of the keybind. Clearing the keybind and binding again doesn't help. I tried a repair and I reinstalled the module. But the problem persists. Edit for the sake of completeness: I found out what was wrong. Although not mentioned above I also removed all mods. That didn't help either. Only when I removed all keybinds associated with these mods from the SavedGames/Config/input folder the problem disappeared. It hadn't occurred to me that the keybind from one module can interfere with the keybinds of another. (Perhaps this helps somewhen someone else).
  2. It's a reported bug. The Devs are on to it. See:
  3. No need to uninstall. They are seperate installs. Campaigns made in an older version are sometimes not compatible with a new version, so beware of that.
  4. This is the latest version: https://github.com/dcs-liberation/dcs_liberation/releases/tag/4.1.1
  5. Reducing budget and the Income Multipliers helped me a lot. https://github-wiki-see.page/m/dcs-liberation/dcs_liberation/wiki/Performance-Options
  6. Sorry, my bad. This should work. https://discord.com/invite/MvdFTYxkpx A very experimental version of the campaign generator has been re-enabled in the latest beta-version which can be found in the "Testers" room on their Discord.
  7. https://discord.com/channels/809863694678491157/809863695198453812
  8. Confirmed. You're a life saver!
  9. I came to this thread because I had the same issue. I deleted the module. I deleted all 3rd party liveries. That didn't help. I uploaded 2 tracks: L-39 without "solo" ticked off and L-39solo with "solo" enabled. Hope it helps to nail down the problem. It only refers to the L-39ZA. And I can confirm that the problem doesn't occur with the control stick visible. l-39.trk l-39 solo.trk
  10. New version https://akaagar.itch.io/briefing-room-for-dcs?download
  11. +1 I agree. Room for improvement here!
  12. Under the heading "player" you will find the 5th entry "carrier (BETA)". You can choose your carrier there.
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