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  1. They might include more water to the South instead of the land in the North that is considered in this pictures.I am looking forward to see !
  2. Well done Aerges ! Looking forward to get my hands on it !
  3. Thank you @myHelljumper for your steady reports. And of course thank you Razbam for the work. I have been waiting for the terrain avoidance radar and I am so happy that it is finally coming ! I feel like the Mirage2000 is finally near complete. Well done ! Best,
  4. Could you please give more details about your flight ? What altitude ? Was it in a dive ? No loadout I assume ? Still very surprising.
  5. Back in November @Vibora estimated to have the first version in EA in about 6 months, which brings us to the present days. Could we have an updated, approximate ETA based on your advancement schedule ? Like is it for July ? Is it for September ? Is it for December ? 2022 ? Best,
  6. How can such issues make it past the closed beta ? I mean it is visible as soon as you start up the plane; I don't mean to be rude but I just don't understand.
  7. I think this would be great. I would not totally be in favor of implementing an 'auto-AAR' thing, but dedicated training missions, or tools to better visualize the position of your aircraft with respect to the boom/basket, would be a great addition, in my opinion. My idea for an 'auto-AAR' thing would be to have a button that almost blocks your flight controls so that you can only steer your aircraft very gently, a bit like an autopilot. Your speed is locked to the tanker speed +1 knot when you are behind it, and locked to tanker speed when connected. This solution would compensate for the lack of training, or for the bad hardware, as I think they are the predominant causes for players not being able to AAR.
  8. Thank you for all your work and effort HB, this update is great ! Thank you IronMike for your patience and your careful reading of all the feedbacks. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas and very best wishes to the Team.
  9. I also confirm that this bug is still occuring on last OB. Best regards,
  10. Hello, This happened twice to me already: when I jettison the 3 bags using the emergency jettison button (I carry nothing else except for Magics), the aircraft enters a roll that cannot be stopped and lead it to crash. I tried to counter the roll with stick input, airbrake, disconnect/reconnect the "Vrille" switch: nothing slows the roll until I reach the ground. The first time I did not really pay attention to it. The second time, I remember that I jettison the bags while doing a +2-3g horizontal turn. I do not have a track to illustrate this. I could provide a Tacview file, but unfortunately I can't open it because it says the format is unsupported ... it is myonly tacview file that tacview is unable to read. I don't know why. When I have time I will try to repeat the bug and provide a track so you can tell me if I am doing some forbidden maneuver or if it is a bug like I think it is.
  11. It is working for me. Bear in mind that the autopilot only activates under certain stability conditions (I don't remember exactly), but basically if your nose is moving, even slightly, the autopilot will not activate. Also double check that A is your binding for autopilot.
  12. Remember that these aircraft do not have a flight control system. So you can make it do whatever you want. With the F-14 you took up to 30g, which is comparable to the maximum g-load a missile can take. So it is not surprising that the aircraft breaks. With the Viggen you took a sustained 13g, which is already a lot. So i am not surprised again. In fact you say it's easy to break them but it is because you do not feel the g-force in a simulation. IRL with so much g the pilot would be killed or passed out.
  13. If I own SC and spawn a Tomcat on the deck, can a RIO who does not have SC join me before I take off ? Or can he only join me after I take off ?
  14. I am bad at reading between the lines, but I think he trying not to say that since there is a discount on ED shop, there will be a discount on Steam too, but later.
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