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  1. Hi, I've been playing with the editor for years. But always for single player missions/campaign. But, I would like to try to build a coop campaign... However, I want it to be realistic. Therefore, I want to use the same kind of structure a real strike would use... A SEAD flight, a CAP/Escort flight, the strike package, etc. So all missions would need those role to be fill. However, One of my mission for example would require 24 players to do that. Every plane has it's job to do and the mission cannot work if a part of it is not done. A strike package only would die from SAM, a SEAD package would die without an escort, etc. So, Is there a way to have an ai take the place of a "client" if the slot is not taken? That way, if you want to play with your buddy but only have 4 on a mission that require 10, the ai take 6 spot and the mission can go on... within the limit of the ai. P.S.: I have never use lua.
  2. That's a negative. It's still there. Thank for the quick reply.
  3. In mission 7, there is an hercule that block the ramp traffic... It move from parking 09, make a left and stop before the taxiway coming from the right. The three other mirage are block by it. Is there something i'm doing wrong? On Latest OB.
  4. Or, in this case, if the manual say( I don't have that plane) ITE-2 (n1 pointer – HPC RPM, n2 pointer – LPC RPM) Then, N1 would be the high pressure compressor (HPC) and N2 would be the low side (LPC). All the plane i know are the other way around.
  5. Hi, the l39 has one engine, but it has two stage. N1 tell the rpm for the low pressure conpressor while N2 give you the rpm for the high pressure compressor. Both compressor are not connected by a shaft, therefore not turning at the same speed. that why you have two reading.
  6. It already been reported. The ai try to do a vertical takeoff. So, they stay on the runway full throttle until they burn enough fuel to takeoff. By then, they are out of fuel and land. By reducing there loadout to two sidewinder, you maie them light enough so that they can takeoff. Adding more weight will make them stay on the ground until they burn enough fuel. Just fly around, you'll see. They will takeoff eventually. As to the second question, is it worked on? Can't tell. On other thread, it's been said that since it's the AI, it's ed problem...
  7. Thank a lot. I'll give it a go.
  8. Working on a mission that include multiple flights. All flights are essential for the mission (sead, cap, etc). Is it possible to build the mission so that the player can choose which plane he fly (let's say by setting them as client instead of player) but to have the vacant plane to still activate? So far, by setting them to client, i can choose the slot i want, but the other are not present. I know i can do one mission for each role, but i'm trying to see if there is another way. Thank
  9. Sedlo, you did a great job with the campaign. I just finish it. If i must found a complain... Would be that it too short. But, knowing how time consuming mission making is... Keep the great work. Thank for sharing.
  10. Once you select the target with the laser, you need to uncage the maverick, that will put it pretty close to your target. Then, you need to change the sensor so irmv is showing on the hud(would be sensor select aft). Then press dmt down/action for the lock. Unless the target is moving, you shouldn't need to slew around. Your then ready to fire. Hope this help... Even if it two week later.
  11. Hi, I just updated to 2.5. When I go in the mission editor, I can't select the normandy map. Only Caucausus and NTTR. When I go in the module manager, it says Normandy is installed. Try a repair, but no luck... Anybody else having this issue? Any idea how to fix it? Thank.
  12. Yes, on the base of the throttle,on the left side, you will see a small lever. I don't remember the name... If you click it, it will lock the throttle from going back at the cutoff position.
  13. My understanding of how a fuel system work on an airplane is this: the fuel pump are in the internal tanks. Therefore, if no internal fuel, no fire... Your external tank feed the internal one. But they are not connected directly to the engine. Same with wing tank, they just feed the fuselage tank. That why the fuselage tank is always the last to empty. I have no experience on the harrier, but that how it work on most plane anyway.
  14. I have a i7-4790k at 4.6ghz and a 980ti and the rift work well. Only need to set everything correctly. If I were you, I'll go for the rift without hesitation.
  15. I can tell for all your issues since i don't have the plane. However, for the two variant. Only the EB is available right now. The CC will come later. I'll buy the module then.
  16. I don't know how marines pilots are train, but RAF pilot had to take a six hours flight training in chopper before transitioning to the harrier. At least in the beginning.
  17. Hi, for the freq, look at the lane above the callsing (texaco, arco or shell), on the left of the comm checkbox, there is a box with the freq to change. The gs mean ground speed, so the ias won't match that value. For exemple, in order to acheive 300kt ias at 25000ft altitude, you need to set 450kt in the editor. But that same 450kts will only give you 275kts ias at 30000ft. Hope that help.
  18. I run 980ti in my pc. I'm not running the game on ultra, but i'm not a the lowest setting either. Running 45-50fps most of the time with asw off. Single player only, so i can't comment for mp. Only time i drop under 45fps is on the ground with a lot of mouvement around me...
  19. Hi, you don't have to reset it in the oculus home. When i'm out of place in the cockpit, i just press num5 and the view recenter at the right place. I don't know if that what you mean by realigning...
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