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  1. Has the game overcome the problem it had with conflicts with plugged-in controllers?
  2. No assistance to give to Badger unfortunately, but having zoom on the X52 slider gives horrible shakes unless I find the sweet spot along the axis of the slider. I would like to put zoom on the mouse wheel (either on the X52 throttle or on the actual mouse wheel), but no can do?
  3. No pre-orders available for this?
  4. Thanks EtherealN - that's what it was. It had been installed for some reason but was showing "no key". Sorted.
  5. "App is incompatible with all my devices"... damn.
  6. Hi - I'm getting this - constant reminders to activate the UH-1 module - but I don't own it. Should I do the KEY fix?
  7. I had the same issue initially. You need to update your updater. Start the updater through the Start Menu and it should prompt you to update it - once that's done it finds and installs 1.27.
  8. 3.0 is available. There are some Codemeter server problems preventing some users from updating their dongle licence, but that should be ironed out today. Note there is a new 'no dongle' monthly licence which is a great way to access the sim now. I haven't played for a while, but it felt good to get back into SB with shadows and much nicer looking models and particle effects.
  9. Thanks a million PeterP - that worked a treat.
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