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  1. I know it's been discussed before but I don't think it has been shown like this. In VR when turning the TADS on or the VID page in the back you get very annoying stuttering. When bringing up the performance tab in DCS, you can see how it goes wild when the TADS is on, then stabilizes when turning the TADS back off. I'm no expert but I don't think it should be doing this? I'm guessing this is why I get those constant stutters when enabling TADS or TADS on the VID page. (Not only does the FPS drop around 20 frames, but take a look at the Obj and Trg values on the second line compared to when it's off.) Thanks
  2. You're welcome glad I could help!
  3. I don't even need to do that for the PLT seat, for CPG only thing I need to do is move my head to the left a little, hit the VR recenter and I'm more centered in the seat, then boresight as per usual and I'm good.
  4. Make sure you're binding them to the seat you're using (Pilot/CPG), check the category on the top left. Right now even if you're in the CPG seat, when you click on controls it defaults to pilot seat which can be confusing. First trigger detent means if you have a weapon inhibit message it will prevent you from firing. Second detent bypasses inhibits.
  5. You can also save the view with a keybind I can't remember which one though. I'm sure it's on this thread somewhere, then you won't have to keep changing your view every time.
  6. It shouldn't be. I can boresight from both seats in 10 seconds or less using VR. Same thing with a couple of friends that use TrackIR Make sure the aircraft is stable before firing. It could give the impression things are not lined up when they really are. Other than that I don't know why you and other people are having problems, maybe overthinking it? If you obsess over it your mind might start playing tricks on you.
  7. No the gun will not be off when you reset your view.
  8. It's not that hard.. just slide your head to the right then do what you would normally do in the pilot seat, or use the keybinds mentioned earlier in the thread to move your head (works in VR as well). By default the CPG's head position is too far to the left. They need to adjust the default position to the right some.
  9. Yeah I ended up editing the post because after taking a look at the post a second time, I realized he meant the gun following his head not the TADS. Also to note, if the OP binds the trigger to the cyclic and not the left handgrip he'll have to open the trigger guard just like in the back seat, which can get confusing.
  10. Was your arm/safe set to arm? Also what was your acquisition source set to? PHS is Pilot Helmet Sight, GHS is Gunner Helmet Sight, you need to make sure you've selected one or the other depending on your situation and that your sight select is set to TADS to be able to operate the TADS. EDIT: If you want the gun to follow your head as the gunner without the TADS you need to sight select HMD and WAS the gun.
  11. This ^ Try engaging auto range under 1400 AGL
  12. What was your altitude when trying to set Auto mode?
  13. Auto ranging uses the radar altimeter, so make sure your RDR ALT is on before setting auto range.
  14. Before the last patch it didn't happen, so I'm assuming it's not supposed to. Maybe someone with real world experience can chime in, but as far as I'm aware it's only supposed to say it once at a time.
  15. When performing a fire test for both channels 1 and 2, it repeats each one twice. For example: "Engine 1 Fire, Engine 1 Fire, Engine 2 Fire, Engine 2 Fire, APU Fire, APU Fire, AFT DECK Fire, AFT DECK Fire". This happens in both the pilot and CPG seat. I've attached a track as well demonstrating the issue. firetestbug.miz.trk
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