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  1. To be honest I'm not sure but I'd have to refer you to @IronMike. I'm not really part of the testing group.
  2. Incompatible without additional work. Like mentioned we do know the version we have was an intermediary version and that all LANTIRN birds later had PTID because it was way easier to integrate it. We wanted a LANTIRN and preferred having it in a realistic if rare version over not having it. The choice here wasn't between a LANTIRN with TID and a LANTIRN with PTID, it was between LANTIRN with TID or no LANTIRN.
  3. Found a bug in the ACM code that made the switch not display correctly. Was a quick fix but unlikely to make it into this patch. Thanks for the find.
  4. Yes, but you need to differentiate between ACM on or off, with ACM on the WCS chooses for you depending on if you have an STT. Without STT it does not, in that case you need to manually select it. In these conditions the WCS completely overrides the switch so yeah. Without ACM it does not however so the position of the ACM cover is very important.
  5. No, the system does what it should. You're in ACM and in that case BRSIT is controlled by the computer and as you have an STT track that is used and not BRSIT. The indication on the switch itself might be bugged, but I have to check if the indication should change or not with STT. But as you have ACM mode enabled the missile going for STT is correct.
  6. It should. If it doesn't that's a bug. Keep in mind that some of the boresight modes might not be exactly along the ADL. The flood mode of the AIM-7 latches on to the strongest return, that might not be the target directly in front of you. Same for the AIM-54, it grabs the first thing it sees. Boresight is not a granular mode that's used to select a specific target out of many, it's a backup mode used when needed.
  7. No, that is incorrect. BRSIT should always override everything else. That you don't feel that it's procedure for a pilot to shoot anything over than the STT is correct but in that case you shouldn't use BRSIT. The function of the BRSIT button is to tell the WCS to disregard everything else and use the boresight function for the selected missile. If BRSIT is enabled, boresight is used. Simple as that. The only time the system automatically select BRSIT for the pilot is with ACM enabled but in that case the system also automatically disable it if an STT is present. Outside of ACM if BRSIT is selected manually, that takes precedence.
  8. This is actually not a bug, the DDD display is not azimuth vs elevation, it's still azimuth vs range. Only the two tickmarks show the elevation, the rest of the display still works as normal. This is part of what I originally meant by this display being un-intuitive, it was seldom used IRL. This means that you should not aim to have the target inside the two tickmarks, that will in most cases result in you loosing it. You should use the tickmarks to position the elevation correctly and then as soon as you see a target you go full-action regardless of where it is relative the marks.
  9. This was an intended change as it is not realistic to lock ships with PD. This is not a supported use of the AIM-54.
  10. The HUD in the F-14 can only show one diamond and one reticle, if you're in a mode that uses those for other things there will be no indication for the ACM-lock modes.
  11. No this is currently what we have in game. I'm talking about the fact that we can launch the missile in SARH in PD-STT and ARH in TWS. And that we can set at which range the missile goes active in TWS.
  12. Yeah. Originally we couldn't do this at all but ED graciously helped us by adding the functionality to use the same missile in both SARH and ARH as well as controlling when to activate the seeker so things are progressing at least!
  13. Yup. Sidelobes maybe not that far away but in the mainlobe, definitely.
  14. Ah no, I misunderstood your question, you were asking for P-STT. As for PD-STT ACT that's still not possible in its entirety and I don't really have a timeline for that.
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