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  1. That's the point of more liveries.
  2. Im not saying this is a perfect. solution for everyone. Just a temporary way around. DCS evolves and bugs are there. Sometimes some issues are more annoying than others but eventually they will get fixed. Bearing to tankers are still ok so use that and the radar to find them. In real life not all tankers are able to transmit Bearing- Distance and pilots must know tankers hook patterns location on the flight plan to find them.
  3. In the meantime until a fix is delivered use Y channel and T/R instead of A/A on the mission editor for Tankers.
  4. Crew on the Uh-60. Soldiers on the Huey, A Sea King. Eightball, will you marry me?
  5. I know It was not your intention , but next time try not to use "garbage" on the thread title. HB deserves at least some respect when talking about development issues. I say this as a positive and kind approach to you. A moderated speech is a sign of kindness.
  6. As far as i know 5500 is the max quantity the instrument reads.
  7. Thanks Neo, glad to have it.
  8. Eightball, just be so kind to tell us when you update the lua file with the correct CLSID. Thanks mate.
  9. Then ask for that option. Rebuild a new WSO voice is out of the ballpark. Just a little note. In the years im flying the Tomcat i've never heard a single joke from Jester, ever, except "Luke, use the Force", while refuelling. So if Jester is making jokes on you in combat so often maybe is time to join the USAF. Sorry, couldnt resist the opportunity. XD.
  10. They have said just recording new voices only would take around two years of work and thousands of dollars. So no. Just enjoy Jester as it is.
  11. Select your load option ONLY on the mission editor. NOT in the cockpit with the mission running. After entering the cockpit you can only use PYLONS OFF - PYLONS ON, nothing else.
  12. Thanks Eightball, works like a charm.
  13. I have a Crash to Desktop when i add the suggested lines to the .lua file on a skin and click on the soldiers cargo Could you link an example with the camo and grey mounts on a .lua file to compare? PD: Nevermind, editing error.
  14. It seems the weird pylon interaction with the A-4 Skyhawk and this mod has gone with the lates A-4 version. So, forget about it mate. Thanks for your new version.
  15. I Will check ASAP. I have doubts because i am using also other Uh-60 mod, the folded version one. What i see are the pylons and the holding structure. Not the tanks itself. Sorry if im taking your time for nothing. I will test it soon.
  16. Hi prccowboy. I know this is something not related to your mod directly but i've found an issue, at least in MP. It seems the A-4 mod is interacting weirdly with your mod with the fuel tanks. I see other players with the fuel tanks structure of the black hawk instead the Skyhawk fuel tanks. I will upload pics next time available, but i see other skyhawks with the fuel uh-60 fuel pylons holding under the wings instead. Any report about this from other users? Maybe is related to other users without your mod. I was looking at the shapes and texture files but i dont see any name common on both mods
  17. In real life: LABS is just a Toss Bombing Mode where you pull up until the bomb is released to giving it a ballistic path with an upward vector. Just Loft bombing CMPTR mode is a pseudo CCRP with target preselection upon depressing the release button, to let the computer calculate the release point. On the A-4 Mod maybe isn´t any difference. Yet. LABS was used first to accomodate the CMPTR mode, but now CMPTR is fully coded so no need of LABS. Maybe on the A-4 was an option for nukes and thats why in the mod is no difference because nukes are not modelled. Roughly speaking because there are multiple Toss Bombing profiles of course.
  18. Best reward is the smile in my face everytime i jump on the Scooter. Unforgettable moments.
  19. The Napalm explosion effect is just a very well coordinated mission script. Napalm, as any other weapon in DCS, is ED side. Wait until they make that type of bomb.
  20. The Grinch is on the neighborhood..... Anyway. Thanks Ruddel, Happy Christmas.
  21. Something very odd is happening here. Release version everything with TACAN A/A works as intended. Tanker on a TCN freq like 50, just push TCN Button on UFC, change mode to A/A, input 50 Enter, Bearing - Range as usual. NO matter the type of tanker. All is working. Latest Beta. TCN to a KC-135 on A/A is not giving anything. On T/R is giving RANGE and BEARING. On REC, is giving BEARING, but NO RANGE. TCN F-16 TCN AA PROBLEM.trk
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