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  1. Grotesque? You started the "dead" example first. Some humour sometimes is nice. But some people are always overreacting. There is a perfect clean canopy mod that passes IC to use. It takes 15 seconds to use it if you find the actual canopy a question of "simulated life and death"
  2. Dont be dramatic, you are flying in an armchair. Your life is not at risk.
  3. No mass production is not the same as no production. Remember the F-22 numbers, 175, by no means could be consider a mass production example.
  4. Is so hard to take you seriously.. Football? really? Im not asking for a ban, but saying ED is a fraudulent company is well beyond all forum rules. IMHO
  5. "fraud"? Why moderators still consent this kind of attitude?
  6. A clean canopy is a personal prefference, not an issue.
  7. And FC3 owners will be able to fly with MAC owners in the future or we must by AGAIN MAC to still fly FC3 planes? I think a fair trade would be FC3 owners be updated to MAC version without the new modules, keeping the former FC3 compatible with other MAC users. For example for me is a nonsense to buy again the very same Su-25 MAC is bringing when i already have it on FC3. Except MAC will bring significative changes to the former FC3 planes.
  8. What happened with the 1.08 Version? Now i see only 1.07
  9. You miss the mother of all unacceptables. " I THINK..."
  10. Thanks Mustang, testing both ASAP.
  11. Thats wrong for sure. Thanks for the test, i hope ED will test the FM, drag, and perfomance with external stores in next updates.
  12. Mustang, i have a question for you about the speeds inside autoexec.cfg Im looking to the file attached so, you recommend this settings for any client? Is the optimum value taking on count your experience? What about the server? Could the server use the same speed settings or is better to use something different? Thanks in advance
  13. This is North Caucasus off limits map. Check the map in the editor to the North top.
  14. There is a youtube video reporting the opposite thing. The speed is changing with different stores.
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