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  1. The CE does not have a laser range finder under the nose. The CT does have one.
  2. Just take a look at the 3D models. Crystal clear they are CR and CT on the nose of both F1s. This means a full F1CT/CR modelled or just exterior 3D mesh? I dont know, but that is not only skins on top of a C. Those are a laser range finder and a recon camera on the nose.
  3. On the video you can see at 0:36 CR and on 0:40 CT. At least the 3D model tells so.
  4. That's a clever solution to make ships sinking. Make them rotate as a radar !!!
  5. I have the same problem. On the landing pad 7 FPS. Flying around 60 FPS. V3 version improves quite a bit, from 7 FPS to 30, but the moment i lift off, i recover fps to 60 again.
  6. You can do that with other planes, (Harrier, Hornet). I didnt tried since a long time with the A-10C, but It should be the same. After all, a Tpod is a Tpod.
  7. Just turn to one side to the tpod gimbal limit after launch and keep It on the limits until impact. Dont fly straight into the target.
  8. Would you be so kind to tell me what is the name of the glass texture file of your mod? That´s what im looking for first
  9. I have a lot of mods on my users folder. I will check what is in conflict with this. Thanks
  10. Exactly. Some people may take by mistake the Carriers level of fidelity but just a question ahead to solve the mistery.
  11. I was mentioning the Stennis was not included on the DLC SC pack at release. And remains actually the same. My fault using the word "never" included. About confusing names. If you have on the editor CVN-71. CVN-72, CVN-73, CVN-74 and CVN-75, is very easy to think all are the same level of fidelity, but they are not right now. Anyway the Stennis is not on the SC class. "YET"
  12. Well, the names at the editor may drive to confusion because are all together in sequence but the Stennis never was part of the DLC.
  13. The Stennis is not, and never was part of the Supercarrier pack. Is the Carrier to use for people without purchasing the DLC.
  14. Those are interesting inputs. But the thing is to know where is the breaking point supported with tracks. The absolute no roll limit The rolling limit Then we can build a complete bug report if there are any to fine tune the F-5 g tolerance
  15. You will get use to fly on the limits with time and practice. I was breaking Tomcat wings a lot when starting to fly that beauty. Now i fly on the limits with no problem. I know the speeds, the touch on my controls, the experience the more i combat. Just get use to fly inside the Max envelope of the plane. Is the better advice i can give. Also the more you fly, more time to take a look at the speed, AoA, G meter. It will be a second nature with time.
  16. Is way easier to fly inside the max envelope of the plane. You will be 100% sure not to break anything. The G meter is there to take care of the readings
  17. Agree. Some modules have this. But the thing is, at one point something should break. How to model that? Its not easy to bend wings instead of loosing wings. Flight Model, etc. But for me the key is fly inside Max envelope. Nobody should pull much more than Max G.
  18. Roughly the breaking point should be around 1.5 times Max G. At least structural damage should be clearly noticed. So for 7.3G, something around 11G should cause significant structural damage. The thing in DCS is how can be modelled that structural damage? Wings bending? Direct ripping off? I can understand is easier to make wings break than model bending and structural damage without ripping off, with the associated chances on FM, and so on and so for. So for me the easiest solution is. Do not exceed Max G while flying. You have 3G margin. More than enough.
  19. No, i dont think so. I've just said without info i cant see what is happening. Show me something to sustain that at 7.4G or 8 or whatever G he is claiming, the wings are ripping off to build a decent bug report. That's what i think. Sneezing on the wings is not "technical" enough to build one. I know making a good bug report takes time but if one dollar for every report posted without a track was gived to me....
  20. No track, no pic, no info, not very helpful F-5 max G is 7.3. Take this in count when you are flying.
  21. Thanks a lot for this addition. Is perfect to populate Carrier decks.
  22. As far as i know the info bar is not a reliable source fot that kind of information. But i can be wrong about that
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