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  1. My account is now showing completed so we just have to be patient and not jump the 30mm like i did. :)
  2. Hi, I've paid for the new A10 update and the payment is showing in my bank account but my profile hasn't updated and is showing that I still have to pay, any help is appreciated. the payment processing continued and didn't stop so it has partly completed by taking the money but not confirming the payment.
  3. I have searched but it's knowing what to search for, if I jump into a hot start mission the friend and foe red and blue aircraft are showing in the FCR and HSD but if I cold start anywhere even in multiplayer all I ever get is the white correlated tracks and no IFF colours, where am I going wrong ?
  4. Unrealistic slew Can't lock anything with the AGM F, tried white hot and black, it just bounces off the target, going back to realistic.
  5. Wait till you refuel or fly close formation with your squadron on the way to the target at dawn or dusk, or merge in a dogfight :) the list goes on truly amazing.
  6. I love it and can't stop flying it.
  7. Use it on voice attack works brill.
  8. Go into the f10 and get the map coordinates and create a new waypoint. then you can set the new waypoint as tgt.
  9. Yes i concur, random split second where it seems one eye is shutting down
  10. 100% just use the basic Voiceattack for now it works brill, i can even send you my profile. with Voice attack and the hotas i don't reach for the keyboard at all.
  11. TDC Slew Hi, I'm using the Warthog Hotas, Can everyone share what they have set as there TDC axis tune for the Hornet, please.:thumbup: Added: just been playing with the saturation, i don't think we can tune it to slow it down yet.
  12. Downloaded a f18 jtac mission from ED and i fired all 4 Mav E in one pass with the same laser code about 3 seconds apart, there was 4 targets and after each one was destroyed JTAC called "SWITCH" and lased the next target automatically and all 4 targets were killed.
  13. Hi i have paid for and installed the latest version and it says it is not compatible with my version of voiceattack which i bought from the steam store
  14. Nice work, hey ED employ this guy even if its just for testing.
  15. Found a fix look for my post.
  16. Hi, i have tried this and it works, thanks m8. Basically dash still runs but it takes away the 3d image from the room leaving a grey screen background and stopping any CPU and GPU use. i Think...... Defo works as stated.
  17. NineLine, so we should stick with the new system and just rebind ?
  18. Hi Nineline, only tried if for the F18 but yes that worked well, thanks works for f15 as well and also no more red boxes.
  19. I've given up and gone back to the release version with Skates tool.
  20. F15 isn't in early access and that is as bad as the f18.
  21. Can we have an official ED comment please. Hi, after the horror of the latest binding gate, I've just had the nightmare of going through all the F18 bindings and noticed the F15 is just as bad. Do we wait for a Hotfix or do we struggle on. Can you let us know what the new control assignments are as well. In anticipation :helpsmilie:
  22. ED i know this is an amazing sim and i can't imagine the complexity involved but i updated and found there was a problem within 30 seconds of flying the F18. There will be a lot of us willing to test it prior to updating so we don't have todays nightmare scenario.
  23. Backed up my saved games beforehand and copied across and still messed up with lots of duplications.
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