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  1. Exactly. The thread title alone suggest this is a post. In one of Mover's interviews, he asked a pilot if he would prefer 30 vs 50 in a dogfight, and he replied 50, because of the extra power. Don't know which video it was out of my head, but that pilot flew the 30 and the 50 presumably.
  2. In this case you can adjust flight parameters by SME feedback. I doubt any of them say that the hornet dominates in 2C and has great energy retention.
  3. Sounds worrisome. Would be great if anybody can confirm.
  4. Thanks for posting your tips on a guns only fight. The root issue here that the hornet is not supposed to out energy or out-turn any viper in a similar configuration. Personally I train myself in merge to fly realistically, which means I treat the bandit like he has heaters and ARHs, which means no extending! Fighting within these rules the viper should be able to out-energy and out2-circle any other craft in DCS (until the Eurofighter comes), but that is not the case. ED should fix the root problems. Letting the community fix the symptoms by flying around them is not a solution, especially when we are talking about a high fidelity simulation here.
  5. You take this for a fact, from where? Anecdotes from actual block 50 viper drivers tell something else.
  6. Hornet has a higher turn rate even without pulling the paddle. Pulling the paddle just enables 9g, which doesn’t give the hornet better turn rate than the viper at high speeds. 9g are 9g. Also the DCS induced blackout happens shortly after reaching 9gs, so the better turn rate trumps the turn rate of the viper at 360kts anyways.
  7. Happens to regulariy. Using an absolute axis. Toggling to TWS and then back to RWS is a workaround, but it's cumbersome since you still have to press and then release TMS right, in order to switch from RWS -> TWS. So I'm pressing longer than needed. I believe there is a bug report already for this?
  8. Yep, if there are two bandits in front and you put the ellipsis on the upper bandit, the lower bandit will be locked, even if the lower bandit is not inside the ellipsis at all! I can do it consistently on a dogfight server. Have no track, but this issue is apparent, as well as not being. able to lock any bandit looking down towards the ground.
  9. I guess this a troll post. But I’m going to answer anyway. The STR of the hornet is unreasonably higher at a speed well below 9g. Just look at the DCS silver ru site.
  10. G effects are off and GS is seldomy fighting against opponents with the same skill level. Even when GS makes a mistake in being too quick in the split s in the beginning, the opponent wasn’t able to take advantage. Else GS performance is solid. Against a skillfull hornet pilot I can neither outrate, out nose nor out energy a hornet or thunder. With the thunder I at least can deny a guns kill, because it’s canted down, but not with the hornet.
  11. Concur, you can't win against no-braindead hornet. If you try to stay above the magical 10000ft for the meager 1° per second turn rate over the hornet, you'll just get killed eventually, since the hornet just points the nose at you without effort. And in doing that, it doesn't lose significant energy at all, it could do it multiple times, until I got splashed. Also it isn't feasible to stay fast, since the viper pilot just blacks out all the time when just thinking about 9g. And yes, I did the "g-warmup". I think the "old" viper FM had the energy bleed rate supposed to belong in the hornet .
  12. The JF-17 is able to sustain energy even better than the adjusted FM for the viper. No talking about AI. Fly the Quick Start JF-17 CAC mission. That pits you against a ACE M2000 AI. With the JF I can eventually get behind its back. When I open the mission in the editor and replace the player craft with F-16, and fight against the same Mirage, I get shot down so fast and so often, it's not even funny. The Mirage AI FM is a real UFO FM. But, that shows that the F-16 is not able to sustain energy as well as the JF-17.
  13. Maybe it's more that the heart does not need to pump so hard, because the brain is located in a lower location in a reclined seat. Combined with the lifted legs it is very plausible that it helps against GLOCs. Also I would think the engineers did enough research to confirm the advantages of the reclined seat.
  14. Will he withstand more gs with the reclined seat in DCS?
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