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  1. Thanks to a very lucky finding on a YouTube video, I've found out that the 3 position landing light switch on the F-15C is the 8906K2423. Significant because it has the same two jewel/centre screw layout of the Hornet switch. Now just gotta dig in to the catalogue to find the two-position version
  2. More infuriatingly perhaps, there's a way you could do it in the real A/C (slewing cursors on the HSI to the desired waypoint position), but that doesn't seem to have been implemented in the DCS version.
  3. I get the feeling that people who want an Apache, probably already know it's a multi-crew affair.
  4. This thread gives me Chris Roberts PTSD
  5. This might be a dumb question, but did you remember to hit 'ON' for the ILS as well?
  6. The real jet does and pretty sure the DCS one does too.
  7. Got gifted F/A-18 Korea at about the same time I first watched Independence Day, I was 8 at the time. There's no way the Hornet's ever not going to be my favourite 4th Gen aircraft, and having it as a DCS module was always going to be a dream come true. That said, I do prefer the avionics of the Viper, but would happily pass that up for the ability to operate from a carrier.
  8. Cheers, wasn't 100% sure on that but thought it worth a go
  9. Hit the T/O Trim button on the left console.
  10. Table says IAS so you'd need to calculate groundspeed from that
  11. It's been brought up and reported in the Cockpit Art Errors thread https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/184641-cockpit-art-errors/page/2/
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