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[REPORTED]3d Model Rad Flaps [0027498]


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Yes agreed, also the comparison on the right shows that the gun cowling is too wide like you have mentioned before.

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According to this http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/fw190d9test.html

it looks like the maximum deflection angle for radiator flaps was 20deg. I have made an approximative measurement on a sceenshot and currently the angle is about 15deg. But it is visually obvious anyway in IvanK's image. This should be pretty simple to fix...


... but after they will fix this, I will go ahead and add that there are no metal strips connecting the actuated flaps with the non-actuated ones. Then I will add there are actually no actuating rods visible inside of the flaps ... :D

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Minor point but I don't think the Radiator flaps open enough. Here DCS D9 with Flaps full open v the real D9


Yes you have right, the flaps are not enough open, maybe will be fix for the nest patch.

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I noticed this as well.


On a side note, I am pretty impressed by how well the community is supporting this module with valuable feedback. Let's hope the devs are equally supportive. :)

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[bug] Radiator housing is to thin


The housing has no curve where the real Dora the housing is a bit thicker and arcs.




Real radiator housing










You can see in these photos that the line is not straight and the radiator housing should be thicker and arced instead of almost in straight line with fuselage.


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Somewhere was mentioned (can't find the thread atm, sry) that this is due to the fact that the radiator flaps are not completely closed by default. In the first screenshot there seem to be a thin shadow at the open end of the flaps - which would support that idea.

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Not just too thin but the radiator housing is also shaped slightly different.That and the engine cover itself needs to taper a bit more where it meets the radiator flaps,the bottom more than the top.

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Agreed, radiator flaps are a little open on the first screenshot (with engine running).


You may try with engine off, the flaps close more then. Not sure they close enough (re: photos) but they definitely close more (and you get a little arc, then).

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